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What’s the Cheapest Travel tool Arihla, Skyscanner, Google Flights, or KAYAK?

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It is safe to say that Google has been providing unlimited services to all of its customers and it did not seem far-fetched to assume that Google would also launch its own flight comparison tool that will help people in knowing about different airlines and their features so that people can get the best services. 

Google has always focused on the ease of its customers and that is why, it launched its own flight comparison tool Google Flights in 2015 after certain years the tool has now merged Jet Airways, Vistara, and Via.com with it. However, you also need to know that there are other competitors in the market too that provide the same services and that is why, in the blog, we are going to know more about Google Flights and how it manages along with its competitors on the internet. 

What are Google Flights?

Google Flights is an online tool launched by Google that provides information to its customers about different airlines and flights. The tool like any other flight comparison tool searches the internet and gives the cheapest and most affordable flights to its customers that they can use. Along with the prices, the tool also keeps in mind the services that the airlines will provide to the passengers and ensure that they can get the best flight to the flyers. 

There are different filters that the tool uses to make sure that the result will be very good for the customers. Google Flights provide people with flights keeping in mind the number of stops, the price range, and the users’ preferred timing so they can have the best flying experience. 

Is there any comparison between Google Flights and Kayak and Skyscanner?

Before the launch of Google Flights, the two most famous flight comparison tools that were used by people were Skyscanner and Kayak and that is why it is safe to question and compare Google flights with these two. 

As a flyer, we often want what’s best for us and that is why people need to know whether there is any difference in these tools or whether all of them are the same. According to our research, all three tools usually give out the same result after entering the same details. There will be minor differences in the result that will show but, the main gist of the flights that will be shown by them are the same and the price range will also be in the same range on all three tools. 

However, we have also seen that in comparison with Google Flights and Skyscanner, KAYAK has often shown results that are slightly expensive that people might want to skip if they have the cheapest option on Google Flights. Hence, it is safe to say that Google Flights is a very trusted tool that can be used easily by people whenever they want to take a look at flight prices and want to choose the cheapest and the most affordable flights for their travel. 

I am sure that after this, you will definitely use Google Flights as the first option. 

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