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Hot Air Balloon Flights in Marrakech

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If you’re interested in taking a hot air balloon flight in Marrakech, you’ve come to the right place. This article will answer your questions about how long a flight will last, the cost, and safety of this experience. Also, you’ll learn which times of day are best for balloon flights in Marrakech. We’ve also included some insider tips and tricks that you’ll need to know to have the best experience possible.

Duration of a hot air balloon flight in Marrakech

A hot air balloon flight in Marrakech lasts about four hours. You will be taken up in a hot air balloon outside of the red city and over the desert. You will see the cultivated lands and desert below and get an excellent view of the city. Afterwards, you will be driven back to your Marrakech residential area. During the flight, you will be treated to a traditional breakfast.

The journey starts at sunrise. The balloon reaches a height of 1000 meters and then descends through Berber villages. The flight then ends with a spectacular view of the Marrakech palm grove. The flight will last approximately an hour and a half. Once you land, you will receive an official certificate stating that you have completed the experience. For those who are afraid of heights, a balloon flight is not recommended.

Cost of a hot air balloon ride in Marrakech

There are several options for booking a hot air balloon ride in Marrakesh. You can book a balloon flight in Marrakech through your hotel, which will likely include a minibus, a 4×4 vehicle, and breakfast in a Berber tent. The flight will last for about an hour and 30 minutes, depending on the time of day. Prices vary, but can be around 300 euros.

The cost of a hot air balloon ride in Marrangech varies depending on the time of year, but usually ranges from around $150 to $300. The cost for this excursion is determined by the number of passengers and the type of balloon. A hot air balloon can hold up to 10 passengers, including the pilot. The basket consists of four separate sections, with three passengers standing in each. Some companies offer reduced rates for children, but make sure to check the age requirements before booking.

Safety of a hot air balloon flight in Marrakech

There are many benefits to a hot air balloon flight in Marrakesh, including peace of mind and a spectacular view. The company you choose for your hot air balloon flight will have all of the necessary permits and regulations, including Civil Aviation inspections. You’ll also get a flight certificate upon completion. The entire experience is very safe, and you’ll love the view of the Atlas Mountains from above.

First, be aware of the wind. While in the air, balloons can get very windy. The pilot of your hot air balloon should be able to explain the risks of flying in fast wind. Wind speeds over eight to 18 kt may lead to a tip over. High wind landings are not unusual, but should be avoided if possible. Pilots and crew on the ground are trained to look for wind conditions that could cause high winds during flight.

Best time of day to do a hot air balloon flight in Marrakech

The best time of day to do a hot air ballon flight in Marrakech is before sunrise or just after sunset. Generally, it’s warm during the day but cooler once you’re up in the air. You can take a sunrise tour any time, but the best time of day for sunset is in June, August, or September. Make sure you go during clear skies.

If you’re afraid of heights, a sunrise flight might not be for you. But if you’re brave and not afraid of heights, a hot air balloon Marrakech flight is a great way to enjoy from above. The flight is between 40 and 60 minutes long and includes a light breakfast. You can even see sunrise behind the Atlas Mountains. You can also expect to see different landscapes depending on the time of day.

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