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Innovative ideas to turn shirt boxes fabulous

HomeTechInnovative ideas to turn shirt boxes fabulous

You will come across shirts of all styles and designs in stores. You can purchase either online or through a local store. Everyone wears Shirts. Males and females work it. Different brands are promoting different shirt sizes and designs. But all the brands focus on one particular thing: the packaging. Packaging of shirt boxes needs to be absolute to protect the shirt from destruction or outer contaminants. The material used for the packaging of shirts needs to be of high quality. Otherwise, the overall look of the shirt and the brand will go astray.

Packaging is indeed the vital key to success. Packaging is something we all know about. There is a 100% chance that the product will be awesome, but the packaging of the product needs to be absolute because it is going to be the final deal for customers. Packaging is in a box, bag or even a container. There are numerous different structures and sizes of packaging in the world. In terms of a shirt, packaging in the form of a box will matter a lot. A shirt box will be something we are supposed to hold, carry or share with others. Shirt boxes can be of whatever size, shape or material you want them to be.

Box design

A box has a lot of space to fit in every product it wants. Whenever we think about a box, we become excited. Because a box provides sufficient space to accommodate all types and sizes of the product. Have you ever heard about unboxing? Well, this is indeed something we all must know. You will see numerous YouTube videos promoting unboxing experiences related to the package they have received. The same could be applied to a shirt box. Whether it is a gift to yourself, you will love it if the packaging is outstanding. The packaging of the shirt will help you In love the product as well. If the packaging is A-one, you will love to share it with others. This will boost up the brand representing the shirt and the package.

Keep it simple

Simplicity overpowers everything. It is indeed a major fact to know. A coloured box will comprise four basic features. It will initially have the brand’s name printed on it; next, the logo will be there, the product and some designing accessories. All these components together are going to make the simple box look outstanding.

 Let’s have a storytime.

Yes, that’s another point to consider in creating creative boxes for your product. In such cases, if you add on a story, experience, or some sort of fantasy to the product, things are going to turn over. Let’s say we know about RIOcoffee. This coffee brand has stickers of all countries printed on the box. This shows that this brand’s coffee is extracted from around the world.

 Type of material

The next major thing to consider is to select the appropriate material for your shirt packaging or box. The most common material opted is cardboard these days. It is durable and firm grip-wise. It will last much longer than we could imagine. Cardboard can be fabricated into whatever size or shape you wish for. It is flexible, but it is strong enough to withhold the product. Cardboard also protects the products from getting destroyed by physical contaminants. Apart from cardboard, you can view Kraft material as it possesses properties or features similar to cardboard.

Don’t be square

When it comes to boxes, everyone goes for square. But isn’t that a little old now? Thus don’t go square always. Change is important. Use a rectangular shape box or heart shape. Such sizes and shapes can easily fit in a shirt for you. You can add over a die-cut window on your shirt boxes to remove curiosity. This window will give visuals about the inside of the box. This will create more excitement for the customers. There are many other techniques one could use to increase the versatility of the shirt boxes. You can use ideas of your own too.

Use your packaging creatively.

We all have brains. And our brains can help us a lot. So why not use our brain a little extra to develop great designs. Adding creativity to the boxes can pump up the whole grace of the boxes. You can use a box with beats. One such example is a pizza hitbox. A pizza box has a DJ turntable and lets the pizza inside as delicious as possible. The pizza box is also made with cardboard, and it has surely guaranteed its durability. Thus we can use innovations to spice our packaging.

Popping colour

Popping colours on the shirt box can also uplift the packaging. You can use colours that will add a shining touch to the box of yours. You can print your brand’s name or logo on the shirt boxes with colours. Your shirt colour might match the box colour, but you can switch between. Your logo on the box can match your brand. You can also create a beautifully shaped or design icon on the box of the shirt. This will help the customer recognize your stuff easily.

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