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Cardboard boxes: Playland for your innocent pet

HomeBusinessCardboard boxes: Playland for your innocent pet

Pet toys are a very expensive category. Pet owners mostly avoid buying those expensive toys as they are just extra expenditures in taking care of animals. However, toys are essential for the growth of understanding and creativity of your pet. That is the reason why most people rely on toys that are made from cardboard boxes. It is easy to make affordable pet toys by utilizing these solutions. They are flexible and contain moldable manufacturing materials. You can apply simple DIY tips on their surfaces and get amazing playable things for your animals. Here are some examples of toys that you can create out of these packaging solutions for packaging boxes.

Rope toy:

Learning your pets how to handle weight is an amazing way to enhance their personality. There are different ways to do that, but the most effective one is to use cardboard boxes as rope toys. You can utilize cloth from your old pants, bedsheets, and socks to create ropes and bind them around the cardboard box. By putting some weight inside the box, you can teach your pet to learn to grab and lift the weight. Some pets like to move and run in circles. By putting rope in their teeth, you can teach them to run around the box.

Surprise tube for cats:

Cats are more wise and graceful pets than others. It is very hard to impress and amaze them as most of the time; they like to remain serious and vibrant. You can make surprise tubes for them by using custom cardboard boxes. Get a box design such as a pillow or the design that you get with your eggs. Close the box with ribbons and put some candies without wrappers inside them. Ask your cat to open the ribbon and wait for it to get surprised by the candies that you have placed inside the box. It is a perfect option to bond with your cats and draws out their friendly nature.


Pet houses mostly come at expensive rates. You cannot manage to buy an expensive house for your animals while bearing their eating and living cost. A fortress made of cardboard box is a perfect solution in this regard. You can cut the box from the front and add a cardboard made door inside the box. You can design the box with ribbons, tapes, and sprinkles according to your preferences and creativity levels. A soft pillow will be great inside the box, and your pet will surely like it. Putting holes inside the packaging will make the box breathable for your pet.

Figure-eight toy:

Figure-eight is a famous pet toy mostly used to give training to dogs. Building this amazing toy is very easy. Just take two same-sized cardboard packages and attach them to each other by placing half side of the custom candle boxes to the half side of the other box. Cut the boxes from the side where they meet and place cardboard-made circles inside both of them. Now you can put candies or treats inside the box at different places and let your dog play inside the boxes and get treats.

Digging game:

Dogs are always fond of digging and playing in muds. But you cannot let them destroy your garden or lawn. For this purpose, a cardboard package will be a great source of pleasure for your pet. You can put a lot of soil inside a durable cardboard box and leave your pet inside it. The pet can have all the digging that it wants without giving you any worry regarding the destruction of your garden or cleaning of your house. Make sure to take a big box if you are making a digging game for your pet.

Cardboard made Frisbees:

A Frisbee is a toy that connects a pet with its owner. It plays an important role in developing the growth of the pet. It is easy to get this playable item by using cardboard packages. Take a box and place a circle in the middle of it. Cut the circle, and your Frisbee is ready to go. You can design the circle with unique colors, or you can increase its durability by getting two circles and pasting them with each other. The reliable thing about cardboard-made Frisbee is that even if you lose it, you can always make a new one without paying a lot of money.

Treat house:

A treat house is just like a dollhouse for your pet. You can take a large box for this purpose and add compartments inside it made from paper layers and clothing items. Put small doors on every portion of the packaging and train your puppies to open those doors. Put treats inside the rooms or box portions. Give those treats to your puppies or other pets once they open the door of the room. This will develop their learning skills and save you a lot of money from buying an expensive and actual treat house.

Cardboard boxes are not just limited to presenting and storing valuable product categories. They contain recyclable and reusable making materials. It is easy to reuse these packages to make amazing things for your daily routines. The above-mentioned toy ideas for your pets out of these packaging solutions will surely give happiness to your pets and satisfaction to your mind. There are numerous ways to customize these solutions and get the most out of them.

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