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Why is need to mock the CA Test Series on-site?

HomeEducationWhy is need to mock the CA Test Series on-site?

Among the mock exams for the CA exam, the big advantage for those who can take the venue exam is that they can have the same experience as the actual one. Since the CA exam is taken at a designated venue, the experience of taking the exam in a different environment and with rivals around you is a great advantage.

You can do a real simulation

The simulation on the day of the actual performance can be done in both the venue test and the home test. Therefore, the timing and amount of lunch, as well as hydration, are important. As a general rule, you cannot leave your seat during the test, so you will have to take the test for 3 hours without going to the bathroom. Eating too much lunch or hydrating too much can interfere with the exam.

In order to avoid such mistakes, we assume the actual performance on the day of the CA exam series and check when and how much we will eat. In addition, the long-term test of 3 hours is the best opportunity to experience how much concentration you can maintain and how exhausting your physical strength is.

One of the key points in challenging the exam questions is that you can know when your concentration will increase during the exam time. By trying to challenge difficult questions at this timing, the percentage of correct answers in the actual exam will increase.

You can grasp your own ability

The big advantage of taking the CA exam series is that you can know your current position. Most of the people who are taking the CA exam series will try the CA exam of the same year. It is very important to know what your current ability is and what number you are among these people.

Don’t be pessimistic if you haven’t reached the passing line at the time of the CA exam series. The mock exam is a CA exam series, not the actual one, so you don’t have to worry about the result itself.

However, it is important to calmly analyze the results and understand what kind of study should be done to get closer to the passing line.

Know your abilities and use them for future study plans. This is a great advantage of taking a CA exam series.

You can find your own weaknesses

The content is linked to the above items, but it is also a great merit of the CA exam series that you can find out your weak field at the same time as knowing your current academic ability. The merit of the CA exam series is that you can check your weaknesses, such as good constitutional problems, weak administrative law, good legal subjects, but careless mistakes in general knowledge subjects.

By knowing your academic ability and weaknesses at the same time, you can re-establish your study plan after the CA exam series and get a chance to overcome your weaknesses.

If you try to analyze your own tendency, not just the results and benefits, the effect of taking the CA exam series will be greater.

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