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Why Buying a Fire resistant Filing Cabinet is a Smart Decision?

HomeBusinessWhy Buying a Fire resistant Filing Cabinet is a Smart Decision?

Metal filing cabinets have been the trend for some time and are much safer than wooden cabinets. Unfortunately, in case of a fire, your valuable documents will burn inside the cabinet even if it stays intact. Therefore, it is time you think about fireproof filing solutions. While fire resistant filing cabinets might be costly, they offer great value. Therefore, do not opt for a standard filing cabinet, assuming that fire-resistant cabinets are not for you. First, you need to understand its benefits and how it impacts your daily operations. Then, here is why investing in a fire resistant filing cabinet is a smart decision.

The Concept of a Fireproof Filing Cabinet:

A fire-resistant filing cabinet is specifically built and tested to prevent internal cabinet temperatures from igniting papers during a fire. It can keep the papers intact for up to two hours, providing enough time for the emergency teams to put off the fire.

Paper ignites at 177°C while a room on fire burns at over 600°C. Steel conducts heat faster in a single-skin file cabinet, which will destroy any paper documents and files. Fire resistant cabinets are secure and have safety locks to prevent unauthorised access. In addition, each drawer is fire resistant and isolated from each other to prevent documents from catching fire even if a drawer was left open.

Reasons to Buy a Fireproof Filing Cabinet:

Offers Peace of Mind in Catastrophes:

Businesses are likely to face the threat of a natural disaster at some point in their operations. Therefore, protecting company and customer documents from floods, fire, theft, and other disasters needs utmost attention before anything happens.

Having a fire resistant filing cabinet gives you peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe because they are disaster-proof.

Adds an Extra Level of Security for Confidential Documents:

Fire-resistant cabinets are securely lockable to store files while being accessible. These cabinets prevent unauthorised personnel from altering or tampering with confidential information. The threat of burglary and theft is a concern for most businesses.

While surveillance cameras and alarm systems offer some security, using a secure cabinet adds a layer of security for critical documents.

Maintains an Organised Inventory of Files and Documents:

File organisation is the gateway to smoother business operations. Organising files in offices and on-site locations is crucial to maintaining productivity and minimise liability. Some documents like permits, blueprints, HR material, vendor contracts and plans must be kept safely.

Workers must present these files on demand, and proper organisation ensures they are easily accessible. With only a few people accessing these fireproof cabinets, no one from outside can access the files kept inside.

Limits Accessibility:

When you install a fire resistant file cabinet, you can only access it through a secured locking system that only people with access know. This ensures that prized items, valuable documents and files remain inaccessible to the public and unauthorised individuals.It also gives you peace of mind knowing that no one will break into your tijori

Lowers Insurance Rates:

Buying a fire resistant safe reduces insurance rates because your valuables are secure. In case of an accident like burglary or fire, your items will remain untouched. As a result, you will lower insurance rates on valuables that you would keep in a warehouse bank safe. In addition, keeping your files safe within your premises lowers long-term costs by offering the convenience of having your valuable nearby.

Allows Business Growth and Expansion with Confidence:

As a company that anticipates future growth opportunities, it is vital to ensure that you can access important documents within a short time. This means storing them securely in fire-resistant cabinets and properly organised for easy access.

With more efficiency and security, even disasters will not halt your growth. You can still use your existing documents and plans and handle new projects confidently, knowing nothing will stop you from progressing.

Multiple Styles to Blend In:

When choosing a filing system, you must consider style and aesthetics. It would help if you had a cabinet that complements your office space and line of operations. Safety lockers are available in multiple styles and designs, and you can easily find one that suits your needs.

You can pick a theme and colour that you like, and it shall serve you accordingly. Considering these cabinets can last for over ten years, you also save money on replacements and repairs.

Skipping a fire-safe cabinet and getting a standard cabinet is no problem. But, will you manage the consequences if a fire suddenly razes down your office? Fire-safe cabinets may be costly, but they are a great investment. They keep your documents safe from theft and fire.

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