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Top Tips For Air Curtain Success

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Air Curtain Manufacturers provide curtains that help to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort. They keep cold air out and heat inside buildings. But only if they’re properly designed, sized, and installed.

5 top tips to ensure success

1 . Air door should not be used as space heaters

An air curtain doesn’t heat a room. Its purpose is to reduce the flow of cold air into the building and keep warm air in.

There are many over-door heaters on the market. These are typically small and placed in the middle of a door. An air door should not be used as the primary heat source.

An air door doesn’t heat a room. Its purpose is to reduce the flow of cold air into a building and keep warm air in. A commercial air curtain warm air stream can be used to heat a room, but it won’t replace it unless it is an ambient/no-heat model.

2. You must ensure that the air door is correctly installed and in the correct size

An air door must be properly sized and placed to function effectively. An air door that is poorly designed, installed, or selected can have a greater impact on energy consumption than if it was installed correctly.

You can either place the curtains horizontally on top of a door or mount them vertically to one side. If the curtains are vertically installed, they must be placed inside the doorway with a minimum overlap at both ends.

Important to remember that curtains should be specified based on the door’s size, not the kW output. You can buy these  curtains in lengths of 1m, 1.5m, and 2m. They can also be connected if necessary.

3. The air stream is available right now

An air door that is poorly designed, installed, or selected can have a worse effect on energy consumption than one that is installed properly.

The air door design must allow air to flow across the entire opening’s height and width at a suitable temperature and velocity. Additionally, the heat output of these curtains must be adequate to temper the volume coming in through the door.

It is important to consider the characteristics of the building, the indoor and outdoor climate conditions, and the power requirements. It is crucial to take the time to get the jet stream just right. If it is not strong enough or too fast, it will be ineffective.

4. The more efficient the heat source is, the more efficient your installation

Warm air for these curtains can come from a variety of sources including direct electric heating or low, medium, or high-pressure hot water. Modern curtains  can be operated with condensing boilers or heat pumps 60/40. This increases their efficiency.

Conventional installations can reduce energy wastage by as much as 80%. This drastically reduces energy bills and carbon emissions. However, an air door combined with a condensing heat pump or boiler can result in even greater savings.

5. To increase efficiency, use controls

Controls are crucial in preventing excessive energy consumption and are a key focus of the market for curtains.

These curtains typically have a manual control that is set up at installation. We have found that it is unlikely that the user will be able to change the flow or temperature of the air stream.

Additionally, the environment is constantly changing so the settings may not be correct all the time. This can lead to wasting money and energy.

Automatic controls, which respond to outdoor and indoor temperatures, are being introduced widely. Air door will now be able to operate at optimum settings all the time, increasing their energy efficiency.

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