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Best Tech Gadgets For Bathroom

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Long gone are the days when your kitchen was the smartest room in the house. With all the tech improvements, every corner of your home can be smart today, even your bathroom!

If you’re looking for ways to transform your bathroom, now you can do that pretty easily with all these remarkable, top-notch smart gadgets.

If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, check out our list of the best tech gadgets for the bathroom.

1.      Digital faucets

Let’s start with something that can be found in every bathroom – faucets. It can be said that smart or digital faucets are one of the best tech bathroom gadgets for several reasons.

First, digital faucets can save you money, water, and energy. These types of faucets feature temperature and flow controls and they reduce water waste which also makes them eco-friendly, as well as pocket-friendly.

Second, most of these smart faucets are hands-free which means that they are ideal for families with children. Your bathroom will not only be a safe place for children but also there are no risks of germs being spread. For children, hand washing and teeth brushing will be a fun activity with smart bathroom faucets.

The third reason has to do with faucet design. Digital faucets are sleek and modern with this futuristic design which makes them perfect for bathrooms with a contemporary, minimalist design.

2.      Smart LED mirrors

A modern bathroom is not really modern without a smart LED mirror. This type of mirror, in addition to LED lighting, also comes with many different features such as the ability to check the time, weather, news and so much more.

You can even program your smart bathroom mirror to remind you of appointments and meetings, and other important things.

Another great thing about smart LED mirrors is that they come with anti-flog heaters that prevent condensation from building up on your mirror.

3.      Smart toilet

If you thought that toilets can’t be enhanced you thought wrong. With smart toilets, your bathroom will not only be more hygienic but also more comfortable.

Smart toilets come with a heated toilet seat, self-closing lids, and touchless flushing. There are even smart toilets that have built-in bidet features.

As you can see, these types of toilets do everything for you, and in addition to that, they make your bathroom a cleaner and germ-free space.

4.      Smart scale

Before, scales were used to measure your body weight. Today, with a smart scale in your bathroom, you can not only measure weight but also muscle and bone mass, BMI, and water percentage. Talk about smart gadgets!

To keep track of all these parameters and have everything in one place, you need to connect the smart scale with some of the popular health apps on your smartphone. The best thing about the smart scale is that it can recognize up to eight people, so if you have a big family this scale is ideal for you. Additionally, a smart scale can also wight babies with its baby mode feature!

5.      Smart air freshener dispenser

There’s nothing like a fresh-smelling bathroom. And with this following gadget, your bathroom can smell good all the time.

An air freshener dispenser, especially if you opt for a smart one, can improve the air quality in your bathroom. With an automatic air freshener, you can control the timing and scheduling, and you can see how much fragrance you have left all with the help of your smartphone.

Most air freshener dispensers are designed to be low-profile and to fit almost all bathroom designs. You have no idea how much an air freshener can help improve the air quality of your bathroom.

6.      Sensor foam dispenser

In addition to a sleek air freshener dispenser, your bathroom also needs a sensor foam dispenser. This type of gadget can save you time and it’s also pretty hygienic. All you need to do is put your hands under the sensor and a dispenser will do all the work for you.

The foam dispenser is rechargeable so you don’t have to think about batteries. This gadget is designed so that it fits almost every bathroom style.

7.      Digital shower

If you want to take your bathroom to a whole other level, you should invest in a digital shower. Digital showers allow you to program your shower just how you like it so that you can always shower with a perfect water temperature and pattern.

You can do this thanks to a built-in digital thermostat that controls the temperature and flow of the water. In addition to this, you can also set colored LED lighting to make your shower experience even more luxurious and relaxing.

8.      Sound system

What can make your showering even more interesting? Music, of course!

With a sound system installed in your bathroom, every shower you take can be fun and relaxing. A smart waterproof speaker can be attached to the shower screen or on a curtain rail and you can stream any music you like all while taking a relaxing shower.

And if you want to soak in the tub, even better because you can place the speaker anywhere near the bathtub!


With all these tech gadgets, your bathroom can now be smarter, cleaner, fresher, and more luxurious than ever. So, don’t wait any longer, invest in some of these smart gadgets.

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