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Shengshou 13×13 Review

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Shengshou has brought us another quality big cube in the shape of this pillowed 13×13. It is one of the lightest 13×13 on the market which makes turning and solving much less taxing. It also features a nice stickerless design with vibrant colours and contrasting shades.

Shengshou was one of the first companies to produce high-order puzzles and used to hold many main big cube records until MoYu began competing. They have a long history of producing well-engineered puzzles with smooth turns and good lock-up prevention.


The Shengshou 13×13 is a fantastic value big cube for those looking for an excellent turning experience. It offers very smooth turns and decent lock-up prevention. It also performs well and is very stable in competitions. It is comparable to the Mofang JiaoShi Meilong 13×13 but has a slightly different feel and is a bit cheaper.

This is a stickerless puzzle and comes in bright vibrant shades with a nice glossy finish. It is well made with great attention to detail and has a premium look.

CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. Please check all internal pieces for tightness before first use.


Unlike some other pillowed 13×13 cubes, this one turns well right out of the box and has a good feel in your hands. It is also a lighter and more compact cube than the Moyu 13×13, making it easier to handle for faster cubers. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to try out a big cube or is looking for a better value than the Moyu version.

Shengshou is a company that doesn’t seem to be competing as strongly in the market anymore, but they were among the first companies to create bigger cubes like the 8×8 and 9×9, and even held some of the main big-cube records before other competitors came along. They have also continued to release budget cubes like the Little Magic 3×3, which is still a competitor to the MoYu MF3RS2M 3×3. This new Shengshou Gem Megaminx adds a touch of luxury to the world of big cubes, with high-quality performance and a nice appearance.


The Shengshou 13×13 is a pillowed speed cube that offers a different level of challenge to advanced cubers. It requires more patience and skill to solve, as it has a larger number of pieces. It also has a pillowed shape, which changes the way the pieces fit together. This makes it more difficult to control and turn, which can make it a good challenge for those looking to improve their skills.

Shengshou has broken the Moyu monopoly on the biggest NxN cubes, offering a high-quality cube with excellent engineering and a stunning design. This is the first pillowed 13×13 to be mass-produced, and it features an innovative mechanism that ensures a hidden layer stays aligned while providing incredibly smooth turns. The Shengshou 13×13 is also smaller and more compact to hold compared to previous pillowed NxN cubes, and it has impressive stability with good corner-cutting and lock-up prevention. It comes well-packaged in a beautiful display box.


ShengShou 13×13 is a great value for the money. It is the first non-pillowed, flat 13×13 and is lighter than most of its competitors which makes it much easier to handle. It also features excellent turning for such a large cube and is stable enough to be used in competitions. This is a great puzzle for anyone who wants to test their mettle with a big challenge and it looks fantastic as well. This cube comes with stickerless bright pieces in contrasting colors and a nice display box. It is a must-have for any serious cuber! Currently available in store and online.

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