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PS4 Slim vs. PS4 Pro: Which PlayStation should you buy?

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It’s difficult to go wrong with either PlayStation console version, but these two models PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro serve very different purposes. While you can play any PS4 game on any of these options, the overall quality will vary significantly depending on the room you’re in and the other hardware connected to the PlayStation.

Stock issues with the PlayStation 4

It had become increasingly difficult to find or buy PlayStation in stock as a result of the pandemic.  Additionally, you may wish to consider purchasing a used or refurbished console, as these will be significantly less expensive.

What’s the difference between the PlayStation 4 Slim and Pro?

Sony has a history of releasing a “slim” version of the PlayStation a few years after the original. Previously, those consoles were labeled slightly differently at launch to help differentiate the new version from the previous one. These slimmer versions are typically more noticeable for their physical appearance than their functionality, which is no exception. That final sentence is far more critical than you may believe. Whereas increasing the resolution from 1080p to 4K often results in increased detail in the games you play, adding HDR results in more vibrant and lifelike colors in every aspect of those games. 

PlayStation VR performance is Unique

Sony uses the same CPU and GPU in the new PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro also includes an updated version of the HDMI standard, but there is no immediate difference in video output performance out of the box. Through the PS4 Pro’s “boost mode” feature, games that previously struggled to maintain 30fps or 60fps on a standard PS4 will be able to deliver a more consistent experience. This essentially means that games that stutter slightly on a standard PS4 will look and play better on a PS4 Pro.

PlayStation Virtual Reality

PlayStation VR performance is unique. The PS4 Pro was designed to improve PlayStation VR support, but even here, the differences are subtle in many games. The majority of titles available before the Pro’s release look slightly better on the Pro. The titles that have been updated to take advantage of the Pro’s enhanced graphics look noticeably better than they do on the standard PS4. Because PlayStation VR places a premium on frame rate, you’ll see more detail in Pro Enhanced titles rather than smoother transitions as you would on a television.

Long-term, you’ll probably want a Sony PlayStation 4 Pro for improved PlayStation VR gaming, even if the quality difference between the two isn’t noticeable right now. Larger and better games will require additional processing power, and great new PlayStation VR games are being released every month. Sony is developing a PS5 VR headset that will feature an updated controller similar to the Oculus Touch and connect via a single cable. 

Consoles with a limited edition

While the overall design of your PS4 console is unlikely to be a deciding factor in your purchase, it is certainly worth considering. When Sony believes a game will be enormously popular upon release, a Limited Edition version of the console is usually right behind it. Additionally, some cool retro designs are available, such as a PS4 themed after the original PlayStation or a bright blue version with the iconic button layout across the side.

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