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Learn About Shared Proxy And More

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What is a Shared Proxy?

Every device that connects to the internet has its own address. This address can be used to track down the source of the information. Simply put, this address can locate the owner in a single step. When you visit a website, make a purchase, or do anything else, the address is visible to developers on the other side.

 There is an official name for this address, which is an IP address. It’s almost as if it’s a unique identifier for your gadget. Many people wish to disguise their IP address because it carries a lot of sensitive information.

As a result, they employ a shared proxy. A shared proxy is a way for multiple people to use the same IP address at the same time.


There are two main forms of shared proxy. The sort of internet connection you have will determine which of these types you have. These are the shared proxies:

  1. HTTP proxies — Only HTTP traffic is routed through this proxy. Other types of traffic are not permitted to pass past them. These proxies can be beneficial for web automation software and web browsers, as well as other programs and software that require HTTP connections.
  2. SOCKS4/5 — A large number of people use this proxy. Both HTTP and SOCKS connections are accepted by SOCKS4/5. Real-time chores, games, and real-time applications are all done with this one.

Why Shared proxy is needed, and what are its advantages?

People require a shared proxy not only to surf the web anonymously but also to keep their personal information private. A shared proxy can help users who don’t want to be tracked on the internet.

The most significant advantage of this strategy is that it allows you to access stuff that is otherwise restricted in your jurisdiction. Because the internet is so large, many online pages are geo-locked. The key to these locks is a shared proxy.

What are the benefits Of Shared proxy?

This approach of exchanging IP addresses has numerous benefits, the first of which is:  

●    Cheap – There are various different sorts of proxies to choose from. The shared proxy, on the other hand, has the cheapest price of all. The reason is straightforward.

 For numerous users, the shared proxy uses a single IP address. As a result, the cost is shared across many users, making it affordable for a single user.                                       

  • Usage along with scaping tools – This strategy can be used in conjunction with scaping tools during data extraction. Even while it isn’t the best solution for web scraping, it does have some advantages.
  • Provides reliable anonymity – Shared proxy covers your real IP address, it provides reliable anonymity. It’s also tough to track down a specific person because everyone uses the same address.
  • Efficiency – The seller determines the efficiency of the shared proxy. You should buy the IP address from a trusted supplier if you want it to work reliably. It will not only meet your needs, but it will also protect you against fraud.

Pros Of Shared Proxies

To put in one word. The pros of this proxy are:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • High anonymity
  • Web scraping
  • Advertising geo-testing

Cons Of Shared Proxies

However, like every other technological advancement, the shared policy has inherent drawbacks. They are:

  • Low speed
  • Security risk
  • Spams

Why should you use a Shared proxy from Proxiesforent?

As previously said, if you want a stable IP address, you should acquire it from a respected service. Between buyers and sellers, trust must exist in both directions. As a result, the advantages of employing a shared proxy from a reputable supplier can give you consistent results.


Although it is a technical term, it is not difficult to comprehend. Many people nowadays use this strategy to mask their true IP addresses. Because the internet is full of scams and frauds, it is best to be cautious.

Anyone trying to find you on the internet will be blocked by the shared proxy. When you use these proxies, it is practically impossible for someone to track you down. They are inexpensive, difficult to trace and provide effective results.

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