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Is It Safe To Keep Your Belongings In A Bank Locker?

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When it comes to safeguarding your valuables, you have several options. You can get a viable personal safe and keep the valuables in it. But you only want the safest and best option that’s just hard to replace. A safe deposit box is another option, and many people consider it completely safe. This is because it’s in a well-guarded financial institution. Also, it’s metallic and safe from storms, fire, and tornadoes. But is it safe to keep your belongings in a bank locker?

Security in Bank Lockers is Excellent:

Bank lockers facilitate top-notch are secure regarding the safety of your belongings. They are stored in a secure place with 24hr surveillance and several security layers. In addition, a bank locker has two keys to enhance security. You take one key home and leave the other with bank officials. This means it’s not easy for a third party or unauthorised individual to access your belongings without your knowledge.

Banks Don’t Offer Compensation for Lost Items

Although banks are better at keeping away robbers, there have been several incidents involving the theft of valuables in bank lockers. The worst part is banks don’t compensate you for lost property. Therefore, banks are not liable if your belongings go missing under their care. When it comes to bank lockers, the banks don’t ask you to disclose the locker’s contents. Thus, they’re exempted from any liabilities in case the contents go missing. They operate on the premise that they can’t insure something they don’t know since it could be a lie or exaggeration.

However, even without insurance, sometimes the law can compel the bank to compensate you. But, this only works if you can prove beyond reasonable doubt that the bank is at fault for the disappearance or damage of your valuables.  

What Can You Keep in a Bank Locker?

Bank lockers are suitable for various items, especially those that are hard to replace. You can search for Godrej safe lockers near me and store the following items:

  • Personal items such as birth and marriage certificates, adoption papers
  • Additional copies of a will
  • School certificates
  • Title deeds
  • Pictures and memoirs
  • Documents that are hard to replace

What You Shouldn’t Keep in a Bank Locker

Many people consider a safe deposit relatively safe compared to other storage spaces. However, there are things you shouldn’t keep in the locker, including:

  • Important documents that don’t have copies– some of these include passports and IDs, which you may require promptly and spontaneously. The only copy of your will or powers of attorney, which can be crucial in case you pass away.
  • Uninsured valuables such as money and jewellery– Instead of keeping money in a bank locker, consider a savings account because your money is insured in case of theft.

The safety of bank lockers depends on what you want to keep. Banks provide are suitable for items that aren’t replaceable. However, consider other options if you want to store sensitive copies such as wills, passports, and uninsured valuables, including money. 

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