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How to Watch Likes on Your and Someone Else’s Instagram AfterUpdating

HomeTechHow to Watch Likes on Your and Someone Else's Instagram AfterUpdating

How to see likes on yourself and on other people’s Instagram is a question that popped up on social network users after the next update. The developers decided to hide information about who and when to put positive notes on the network. The article provides information on how to find and see your likes and those of others.

Before describing the features of this process, it should be understood for what purpose it may be necessary. First, I want to know how many likes were put on the posts. A person can remember their post, which they proclaimed, but did not save. In such situations, the information about the likes affixed will be invaluable. Earlier it was easy to get this information. However, after the next update in October 2020, the option to show a friend’s likes is gone. A few years ago, a person could click on a heart and see the marks in the subscription section. Now users should look for workarounds. Here are the most important.

How to see your tastes?

It is hard not to see the sympathy of the followers for the posts. Similar marks appear at the bottom of the page under the heart. You can find them on the main page of your account. To track affixed hearts and subscriptions, you can view and verify them in the’snew tab. To go there, you must click on the Like which is at the bottom of the page.

After receiving the information, a person will be able to find out which post and other people’s photos have been the most popular. This is important in a situation where the profile was created for business purposes. Studying this information will provide an opportunity to analyze what is suitable for the public. You can understand how to improve the overall quality of the posts. My tastes and others are important to all users. It does not matter if it is a personal blog or a business page. You need to follow them to increase the reach of your audience with posts. This information will be useful for businesses, stores and organizations that plan to serve ads for services or goods on a social network through a profile.

Authorized to track information of interest. The first account can be verified free. I have to pay for the service. After paying one of the tariffs, you must enter the nickname of interest. The program will find it quickly.

To perform the operation, how to see what someone likes on Instagram, you will have to use a workaround. It consists of downloading third-party services. There are many similar applications. However, the pattern of action is similar. There are paid and free options.

This process takes about two minutes on average. As a result, information is provided on the likes that the user has decided to indulge in other profiles for the last six posts. Attention will be paid to information received from other people. These statistics are collected for 20 positions.

Why has Instagram removed views of other people’s likes?

This is an option available to users through the Subscriptions tab. With his help, it was possible to track the likes, as well as the actions of other account owners. Not everyone was aware of the presence of such a function. They took certain actions. They did not understand that someone could follow them. This often had unpleasant consequences. To spoiled relationships in the family. Having problems with business.

Initially, the Subscription feature appeared in the app in early 2011. It was assumed that users with it would broaden their horizons. They will be able to find new content thanks to their friends, their number. Instagram deleted this opportunity. Today a similar goal is achieved through the tab with recommended content. After the update, the Subscriptions section disappeared. The user cannot decide how to display their likes on Instagram. Instead, he’s New tab appeared. It reflects the actions of users. You can find notifications of new messages from friends.

If you want to follow another person’s tastes, you will not be able to act directly. You must use third party applications. In any case, this opportunity should not be overlooked. It will be useful to the average person, brands and marketers. You can examine the accounts of other people who attract competitors. Based on the information received about subscriptions, create a content plan for Instagram. You can also always understand what kind of posts subscribers like.

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