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How to organize a casino evening at home?

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You could plan a casino evening at home to have a good time with friends and prolong the evening until the end of the night. If you and your friends are gamblers, it is the guarantee of a lively evening, which everyone will long remember.


You wonder where to start to organize a casino evening at home. To make your apartment or house look like a PNXBET casino, you must first choose the theme you want to play for the evening.


Do you want a Roman atmosphere like at Caesars Palace or a Charleston atmosphere to dive back into the 1920s, give your casino a western look or a gambling den under prohibition, or even make it a James Bond starlet casino? Organizing a casino evening yourself requires a little imagination!

Change your interior decoration.

Once the theme of the roulette and slot machine evening has been validated, the decoration will have to be refined accordingly. As there is probably no question of building columns, fountains or installing a saloon door in your home, favor removable wooden panels, screens, and hangings, to hang and customize, this will give a cozy side to your dummy casino. Then think of all the accessories that can confirm your atmosphere.

  • Taking down the wooden trunk from the attic will be perfect if you want to transport yourself to the Caribbean, or even bring an inflatable palm tree or borrow your neighbor’s parrot cage;
  • So that your guests see in you the famous agent 007, go to the newsstand to buy a magazine on the beautiful little English cars: you will find there you will find posters to pin to the walls;
  • A western atmosphere will be successful if you find a few straw bales, an old wooden barrel, and a horse saddle to put on some logs…

Finishes for a successful casino atmosphere

We advise you to sacrifice a room (an office or a bedroom, the cellar or the attic) in which you will move everything that will not correspond to the atmosphere: take down the paintings, remove the lampshades, and put the table away low. Don’t neglect the lighting (bright and warm in the Caribbean, subdued and warm in the case of an underground casino, flashy and golden for the MI6 agent, etc.) and the little tips for decorating the room, such as pennants, walnuts, coconuts or fake gold coins…


No need for many slot machines or various tables to transform your interior into a casino: a few well-chosen animations are enough.

Organizing a casino night: choosing the right activities

Focus on activities you know the rules about and can easily explain that are quick to learn, in case some of your guests are new to them. Inevitably, you need a poker table. You can rent one or choose a relatively long table to cover with a play mat or a special tablecloth. For a successful game, make sure you have the following:

  • a sufficient number of chips for the table;
  • a card game ;
  • the right number of seats.

Place your table under a chandelier that you can also customize. Roulette and blackjack are also two must-haves in the casino.

The other elements to plan for a successful casino night

Also, plan counterfeit notes: you can draw from your Monopoly box! Also, provide a space reserved for those who do not play, a lounge area or a bar, even if it is appropriate to serve drinks directly at the gaming tables.


You need people who know the rules and who will moderate the tables, distribute the cards and determine who the winner is. In any case, what you can’t do without if you want your interior to turn into a casino are croupiers (or dealers).

Recruit among your friends

You will likely be busy yourself welcoming your guests, explaining how “your establishment” works, serving the first drinks during your home casino evening, then playing the role of croupiers and croupiers, hosts and hostesses, waiters and waitresses; you will have to recruit. Select among your friends who do theatre, like role-playing games or those who love to dress up! These are the ones to be entrusted with being someone else all evening. 

The visual identity of your casino

To help them feel good about their character, you have to concoct a suitable outfit for them. Then, depending on the theme, you have chosen to set the tone for your casino party, choose outfits in the same spirit:

  • Put on cowboy hats, fringed vests and pointy-toe nubuck boots for your western vibe; plaid shirts will be de rigueur for the gentlemen and denim shorts will be for the ladies;
  • Don’t skimp on feathers and boas, headbands and silk gloves for your 1920s revival and think fake little black mustaches and dandy waistcoats for men;
  • If you’ve chosen a privateer vibe, white shirts, black baggy pants and red knotted ties will set the tone, especially with an eye patch;
  • And if you recreated Caesars Palace at home, consider dressing everyone in white togas, Spartan sandals and leather breastplates.

The main thing is that the whole thing is homogeneous, that there is a real unity between all the protagonists of the evening. To do this, ask about booking group costumes to ensure that materials and colors are identical from one outfit to another. The success of a themed party often depends on the details, so don’t hesitate to customize the chosen outfits with more real-life accessories, and think about wigs!


The more you anticipate, the more you can think of many details that will improve the rendering of your event.

Before the evening: the invitations

You can create flyers praising the opening of a new casino, inviting to the inauguration with 50 tokens offered by the house, specifying the day and time and the required dress code: you are limited only by your imagination. Sticking to the theme is a parchment for a Roman atmosphere, a pastiche of a “Wanted” poster if you have opted for 19th century America, and a white card gilded with gold end for an evening of the latest chic. But you can also create a closed event on Facebook by choosing a photo that sets the tone and selecting your guests carefully.

Just before the preparation

Whether it’s decorating the room, that can take a little time to prep the game tables, get ahead of the game, put the bottles in the fridge, take out a sufficient number of accessible glasses, or provide coasters so as not to stain your furniture or your play mats… The more you have prepared things, the better your evening will go; above all, you will be able to enjoy it more than if you have to be everywhere at once.

On-site, we are here to have fun.

Of course, there will be one or more winners, but the main objective is to have fun; it may be necessary to remember this depending on the competitive nature of your guests. Don’t let tempers get hot and favor games with fake money. You will probably have provided alcohol (to be consumed in moderation), but also provide Virgin drinks. To complete the illusion, it is not so much the content that counts as the container; try to match the glasses to the atmosphere of your evening:

  • beer mugs and highball glasses for a Wild West game table (and in it, apple juice);
  • champagne flutes and cocktail glasses for a newer and more chic atmosphere (and all colored juices are allowed!);
  • clay or metal goblets and porcelain mugs for a more rustic atmosphere (sparkling water!).

And the winner is…

For a small stake and for everyone to play the game, it may be relevant to provide prizes for the winner(s). It can be a bottle of champagne or a store voucher. You can exchange player tokens for chocolate coins. Or give trophies to the winners. But, of course, you’ve done it flawlessly if you stick to the theme by offering a week in the Caribbean to whoever won all the tokens from your pirate party, by offering an Aston Martin to whoever won the day at your 007 parties or even a magnificent thoroughbred to the one who knocked out the opponents in your saloon. But a gift card or a good bottle is already very good!

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