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How to avoid rental scams

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Despite following all the standard procedures, many people get scammed when it comes to renting. Rental scams can happen to both the landlord and the tenant. Here are among of the most common rental scams that take place and ways to avoid them.

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Copied listing

The information listed on real estate websites is often inaccurate. Properties that may seem perfect on websites may be because scammers add the information. Scammers steal information from other listings and add them to their website alongside their property. The information may be about a luxury villa or apartment, but the prices would be impossibly low. By setting such low prices, the scammer can attract a tenant and successfully fooling them.

The finest way to ensure that you are not scammed through this is to make sure that you physically visit the apartment or house. It is essential to see the property yourself to see what it is really like since pictures rarely depict reality. Most scammers edit their pictures, and some even photoshop them. Hence you should not make any payments before visiting the property. If the landlord avoids showing you the property before the rent has been paid, it is safe to assume that they are scamming you. As a tenant, you should not accept any of the landlord’s excuses about not being able to show you the property.

Background check fee

Like the tenants, the landlords need to make sure that the people renting their property are reliable and trustworthy. Most landlords carry out background checks on the tenants to find this out. A background check looks at the tenant’s current and past jobs and financial standing. The cost of background checks is often added to the contract and is taken from the tenant. This is normal; however, what scammers do is they add a ridiculously high amount and keep the profit.

You should hire reliable and experienced real estate agents to avoid such scams. These real estate agents can carry out the background checks or tell you how much a background check costs. This way, you will not accept any amount written by the landlord due to a lack of knowledge. Another vital thing you have to do is make sure you pay the background check fee on the spot and in cash. Invest in Kingdom Valley

 No lease

 Another common scam carried out is the scammer may ask you to pay the rent without providing any documents. Virtual or remote leases are still not accepted in most states, so you should be careful. It is vital that you get the proper documentation that you and the landlord have signed. The documents and contracts should also have legal standing so that they can be legally contested. This is highly crucial as verbal agreements or deals have no significance, and the court can do little to protect you in such situations. You should make sure that you get a lease, and you should also get it checked to make sure it is not a fraud.

No amenities

Many landlords lie about the number of amenities and facilities available. The website may elaborate on the number of luxuries amenities available, which successfully attracts tenants. However, once the tenants pay the rent and move into the property, they find out that all of that was a lie and they were actually scammed. In order to prevent paying for amenities that do not exist, it is essential that you talk to the existing tenants of the building and find out the existing amenities. Read more about Silver City

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