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How Hexagon Cardboard Boxes has Changed Packaging Standards?

HomeBusinessHow Hexagon Cardboard Boxes has Changed Packaging Standards?

Hexagon packaging is one of the most preferred packaging which comes with an exceptional and elegant hexagonal structure. These hexagon boxes are extremely attractive due to their unusual shape and add more value to the product inside. They are commonly used for gift purpose and cosmetic products however they can be used for any packaging need according to requirement. The hexagonal box has six sides and features same dimensions on all six sides. The unique shape of these hexagon cardboard boxes makes them ideal for use with variant products and make products jump off the racks at stores. They are manufactured in such a way that it is easy to fold them flat when not in use.

Hexagon Food Boxes

Hexagon packaging is now a day widely used food packaging purpose to make products look exclusive. Many bakeries prefer to sell their sweets in hexagonal packaging as it is more attractive than usual boxes. To present your product in a unique way to customers pack your products in a hexagonal boxes. All six sides of the box can be customized to fit your product need and optional tear panel can be added to make design more unique.

Hexagon Cosmetic Boxes

Hexagon shaped boxes comes in very handy and represent your cosmetic product in an extremely elegant and high quality way. The product stored inside these boxes are highly secured due to its unique outlook. This packaging box is manufactured from the supreme of materials and with various appealing designs to capture your attention. You can custom print your design easily on the six sided box to present your inner content in a better way possible.

Hexagon Gift Boxes

Selecting a hexagonal shaped gift box is considered as most desired way to gift something to someone on special occasions because of its design and more space availability for storage. Custom hexagon boxes are perfect to pack any gift for any event like it will be perfect to pack a valentine gift and can also be a great way to pack a wedding gift. Its customizing ability is unique as compared to other gift boxes all the six sides can be customized printed design.

Hexagon Candy Boxes

Pack your candies in a funky shaped hexagonal box which will not only grab attention of kids but will satisfy adults too. This is not only a great way to take out your candy in a container with distinctive shape but it will also attract others too. Customize the packaging with bright and bold colors with funky printing and designing on all the six sides.

Benefits of using Hexagon Cardboard Boxes

Now there are several benefits of using hexagon cardboard boxes for the shipment, storage, and appearance purposes. Benefits are discussed below.

Strong and Rigid

The hexagonal cardboard boxes have very strong and unique structure. Hexagon is considered as the strongest shape to hold the product very well. If the boxes are fallen accidentally your product inside will be safe due to the layered cardboard which gives it rigid and firm shape. The boxes have strong six corners and sides which can absorb the shocks even of the high intensity.


Hexagonal cardboard boxes and even cardboard boxes in particular are lightweight which makes them ideal for the shipment. Few boxes are made with single-walled cardboard therefore making them lightweight. They are very easy to load with product inside without any help of mechanical hand. These boxes are lightweight which in results increases the profits margin and reduces overall cost.


Hexagon packaging is very flexible and can be easily molded, reshaped, and flattened according to your need. These boxes are highly adaptable and can be customized into different sizes and designs. The cardboard boxes are printing friendly so your company name or brand can be effortlessly printed on them. Moreover, modern techniques allows you to make your desirable packaging with multiple materialization options like matte, shiny, spot UV, embossing, de-bossing, and raised ink.

Nature Friendly

The cardboard is made from the palm tree pulp which is one of the most fast-growing trees in the world. Hexagon cardboard boxes is made from cardboard therefore, cardboard boxes are nature friendly as no harm is made during manufacturing process. These boxes are easily recyclable and can be unfolded to place them since they require small space to be stored.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the many reasons of using cardboard to make these boxes is that they are highly cost saving while shipping. Many companies are offering durable cardboard boxes on extremely inexpensive prices so purchasing in bulk results in cost reduction and profit maximization. The other facet of cost efficiency is the labor cost. These boxes do not require hard work to make you can hire cheap labors for making boxes.

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