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Benefits of Shoebox Lights

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Shoebox lights are a popular lighting solution for parking lots, street lighting, and other commercial outdoor areas. They offer a number of benefits over traditional lighting options, such as energy efficiency and extended life.

They are an excellent replacement for 1000W HID bulbs, and they can provide a higher lumen output than traditional lighting solutions. LED shoebox lights also last much longer than traditional fixtures, which can reduce the amount of maintenance required for your outdoor lighting.

Well-lit Large Areas

One of the best things about LED shoebox lights is that they can light up large areas efficiently. This is why they are ideal for sports stadiums, parking lots and streets.

Well-lit places make people feel safer and discourage crime incidents. This is because thieves and thugs have a harder time breaking into these spaces.

They also provide a considerable reduction in road accidents, especially when walking on unfamiliar territory.

In addition, they are energy-efficient and can save a significant amount of money in the long run.

Shoebox lights can be mounted on poles, or they can be installed directly to buildings. They come in a variety of mounts, including slip fitters, yoke mounts and trunnion mounts.


LED shoebox area lights are outdoor lighting pole-mounted fixtures designed to light up large areas. They focus all of their light downwards and use optics to distribute it.

They can be equipped with a photocell for true dusk-to-dawn operations or a motion sensor to dim when no movement’s detected, adding to their efficiency and cost savings.

Shoe box LEDs are the perfect replacement for metal halide and high pressure sodium parking lot fixtures ranging from 400 to 1000 watts, as well as other sodium & mercury lamps in the same power range.

Using LEDs, these shoeboxes offer more energy-efficient operation and an instant reduction in your lighting bill by 50 to 80%. They also feature a higher lumen output to provide more brightness than traditional options.

Easy Installation

Unlike traditional metal halide and high-pressure sodium lights, shoebox LED lighting is easy to install. This is because the light can be mounted on a pole without the need for specialized hardware.

Moreover, there are several mounting options that you can use to mount the light on a pole or wall. These include slip fitters, adjustable pole mounts, and trunnion mounts.

Low-Energy Consumption: Compared to older metal halide and high-pressure sodium fixtures, these lights use up to 60% less energy. They also last longer and can be re-used for years to come.

Efficient Luminosity: These lights offer up to 70 lumens per watt of power, which is much better than the typical 60-watt incandescent bulbs.

Weatherproof: Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, these LED lights are waterproof and dustproof. They also have a tough back cover to protect them from debris.

Shoebox LED lighting is used to illuminate large areas such as parking lots, streets, garages, sports arenas, and airport terminals. This kind of lighting can improve safety and security, as well as help keep customers, employees, and visitors safe.

Long Lifespan

Compared to traditional light sources, LED lighting offers a long lifespan. This makes them a great choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

These lights are also energy efficient, which saves you money on your energy bill. They use less wattage than traditional lights and offer more lumens, meaning your area will be brighter.

They are also durable and can withstand tough weather conditions. and they can be used to illuminate parking lots, streets, walkways, parks, and other outdoor areas.

These lights are perfect for illuminating sports courts, stadiums, and other areas that require a strong lighting fixture. They are also effective for providing visibility in dark and shady areas to ensure safety for everyone.

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