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Avail The Benefits Of Temporary Graduate Visa 485 As An International Student

HomeEducationAvail The Benefits Of Temporary Graduate Visa 485 As An International Student

Getting a degree in skilled occupations ensures great career opportunities for students in their home country as well as in Australia. And, there are some overseas students who decide to stay back in Australia after completing their graduation from an Australian institution to keep continuing their further academic interests in the country.

This is where the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 can come as a great way to explore different opportunities in Australia. Although it’s temporary, the visa opens a gateway to excellent options for the students to enrich themselves. The benefits of visa 485 are something you should know before jumping into the application process.

But first, let’s check what temporary visa 485 is.

What Is Temporary Graduate Visa 485?

The temporary graduate visa 485 is a work visa for overseas students who have devoted two years of their life to complete education in Australia. This visa can last from between 18 months to 4 years, depending on your work stream and situation. Visa subclass 485 is one of the best alternatives to extend your stay in Australia and enhance your chances of becoming entitled to a provisional or permanent skilled visa. While making the application for visa 485, the applicant must be present in Australia and must be a holder of an eligible student visa within the 6-month timespan before lodgement.

Benefits of Temporary Graduate Visa 485 To A Visa Holder

The temporary graduate visa 485 allows you to do a lot of things in Australia.
Enjoy Staying In Australia For 4 Years

Visa 485 has two streams. The first is the Graduate Work Stream, which allows you to stay for 18 months in Australia. However, for staying a bit longer, you’ll enjoy the benefits from the second steam, which is the Post-Study Work stream. It allows you to stay in Australia for about 2-4 years, depending on your academic degree/qualification. There’s an exception for passport holders from Hing Kong as they can stay for five years.
Complete Higher Studies

A diploma or trade qualification is necessary for an applicant under the Graduate Work Stream. Once your visa application gets granted, you can use that 18 months to complete any higher course that can help you explore better career opportunities.

Conversely, if you apply for the Post-Study Work Stream, you will need either a Bachelor degree, Masters degree, or a Doctorate. An applicant with a Bachelor’s degree can stay for up to two years, whereas someone with a doctorate can stay as long as four years.

Now, if you’ve completed your graduation with a Bachelor’s degree, you can go for using these next two years to complete your Master’s degree. Similarly, if you have completed your Master’s, you can use the next few years to apply for postgraduate research and more.

Get The Advantage of Full Work Rights

The student visa subclass 500 prohibits the visa holder from enjoying complete work rights, and international students can only work for about 20 hours each week after the commencement of their course. The overseas students are allowed to work as full-time employees only when they are on holiday and during semester breaks.

The full-time work schedule in Australia typically means 35 hours of work in a week. Meanwhile, the visa subclass 485 allows every international student to work as a full-time employee. You will need skills assessment and nominate a skilled occupation from the Department of Home Affairs list to apply for the Graduate Work Stream.

Getting advantage of work experience in the Australian job sector will enhance your resume and job portfolio while boosting your chances to get permanent residency in Australia.
Enjoy Travelling

If you have a valid temporary graduate visa subclass 485 in Australia, you can travel abroad freely and spontaneously and return back whenever you want. There is no risk involved to your visa validity and rule adherence.

Gateway To Permanent Residency In Australia

Using your visa subclass 485 can be a practical and beneficial option to become a permanent resident of Australia. The available options are as follows:

1. TSS 482 Visa

For TSS Visa, an applicant must have worked for at least two years in the nominated skilled occupation or to the related field of their qualification. A 485 visa can be a great option to fulfil their 2-year work experience.

2. Skilled Visas

The skilled visas include the State-Sponsored Subclass 190, Skilled Independent Subclass 189, and State Regional
Subclass 489.

• All of these are points-based skilled visas, which are allotted for different qualifications of the applicants. Here, visa 485 benefits you to gain work experience and easily get a decent score.
• After completing your graduation from an Australian institution, you can use the Graduate Visa in Australia to do a Professional Year Program. This qualification adds 5 points. However, the condition is only applicable to Engineering, IT, and Accounting graduates.
3. Employer-Sponsored Visa Subclass 186

This is an Australian PR visa that entitles an employer to sponsor you. You will need about three years of work experience in that particular occupation to become eligible for this visa. With the visa 485 Post-Study Work Stream, you can enjoy a stay for a maximum of four years. So, if you’re a holder of visa 485, you automatically fulfil all the visa 186 work requirements.
4. Regional Sponsored Visa 187

Every migration agent in Adelaide would say that this visa is similar to the visa subclass 186. However, the only difference is that visa 187 is granted to an applicant volunteering to live and stay in a regional area.
Second Post-Study Work Stream – Benefits For Applicants

The newly introduced Second Post-Study Work Stream visa is for those overseas students who have lived, studied, and worked in a regional area of Australia during their First Post-Study Work Stream. The second stream enables the visa holders to extend their stay and work for a couple of more years.
Ending Note

This content explains all the benefits you can enjoy with a temporary graduate visa subclass 485. However, it’s crucial to check for the changes in eligibility made by the Department of Home Affairs after the pandemic. For any confusion or query, it’s best to consult an immigration agent in Adelaide or some other place in Australia.

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