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6 Influencer Marketing Campaign Types

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For the digital marketing strategy, many brands succeed with influencer marketing. When we are in an era where everyone is connected with social media, why are businesses not inclined towards it? As a highlight of social media marketing, influencer marketing opens a chance for businesses to raise and boost sales. Influencer marketing benefits SEO which boosts up the traffic to the site, and there is an increase in the number of customers as a result. Influencer Marketing also supports other marketing campaigns such as SEO, and SEM. Many of the companies nowadays believe in promoting their brand with popular social media influencers as it is a powerful tool.

Affiliate Marketing: This is a perfect option when you have a low budget where you can work with multiple influencers at once at a low budget. Affiliate marketing promotes the product onsite. No matter how much money you have, you can do it with as many influencers as possible because influencers earn their commission on all sales generated from their sources.

Offering the Product or Services a Gift: Gifts, unboxing, and reviews is also a method of an influencer marketing campaign. This campaign involves a brand giving influencers their products or services as a gift. In return, they voluntarily record an unboxing video or simply give their reviews on that particular product. After listening to influencers about the product, the audience can determine whether this is something that they want to buy. 

Guest Blogging: Working with influencers who write blogs and accept blogs is great for your business. There are two ways to blog host: to post blogs or content to the website related to your product and another accepting the blog entries. Guest blogging campaigns might help one promote the product uniquely and effectively. 

Pre-release Campaign: To create excitement for the customers where they are always willing to know the new release, this type of campaign works. The pre-release campaign is not strange to the brand. For an influencer marketing campaign, a pre-release campaign is excellent. Other promotions like discount codes are also given to the influencer to share with their fans. By this, companies can maximize their benefits. 

Social Media takeover: What does social media takeover mean? An influencer takes over your social media channels and shares the content with their followers during a set period. For example Emilie Haney the photographer, freelance writer having the huge followers, so these kinds of influencers who have more Social Media Engagement are the best option to work with. This type of influencer marketing campaign needs a high level of trust because, in this campaign, companies have to give their security information such as a password. 

Brand Ambassador Programs: Brand ambassadors have long-term partnerships with the company, and a brand ambassador is an influencer who shares content for a brand. Brand ambassadors are like the face of the brand, and they work like celebrities. This they have to share the brand daily and regularly.

To increase your business reach among potential customers, identify the right influencer who suits your business or brand and combine it with the influencer marketing campaign mentioned above.

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