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6 Best Oil for Erectile Dysfunction Cure

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ED is an illness in which a male cannot get or maintain an erection that must be strong enough to allow for sexual intercourse. Sometimes, failures are normal, but if they happen often, it’s an indication of infertility. At the present, erectile problems affect more people than you can imagine. The reasons behind this sexual condition could originate from physical (lack of proper circulation and blood flow) and psychological (stress, anxiety about performance, and depression).

When this problem occurs it can cause embarrassment for males and can affect the harmony of the relationship of the couple. The majority of us are familiar with Viagra but there are a lot of the more traditional and natural oils that can assist in easing some forms of sexual disorder like impotence. Essential oils are thought to heal both the physical and emotional side of the illness. Patients who are not receiving treatment already take sildenafil tablets like Cenforce 150 tablet which is a generic tablet, but Vidalista 40 can cure ED completely.

Essential oils like these are promising in treating ED

With lower risks and no negative side effects, these essential oils have a lot of promise. Let’s see the ways these amazing essential oils can bring about the desired effects.

1. Lavender oil

The oil of lavender is often the very first oil that many turns to for help with a variety of health issues. A study conducted in 2014 discovered that using lavender with pumpkin pie can have a beneficial effect on improving the flow of blood to the penis of male participants. The sample size for this study was 31 participants. The results showed an increase in the level of arousal.

2. Olive oil

This oil significantly increases testosterone levels in males which reduces the possibility of erectile dysfunction. Researchers at The University of Athens claimed that taking just nine tablespoons of the highly regarded oil is enough to decrease symptoms of erectile dysfunction by approximately 40 percent. The popular condiment has numerous health benefits, including keeping healthy blood flow within vessels as well as improving circulation of blood through your entire body. It is the long-term solution to ED without the need to take any kind of drugs.

3. Rose oil

Rose oil is used for centuries as a stress reliever and relaxant, so it is no doubt that this particular kind of essential oil is used for centuries to treat aphrodisiacs. It does not just smell beautiful, it reduces depression, stress, and anxiety levels for humans. Because the rose is an aphrodisiac, it can increase happiness and increases confidence in yourself, which enhances sensuality. In 2012, an investigation was done on rats in which rose oil inhaled protected the rats from the harmful effect of inhaling formaldehyde. Inhaling formaldehyde has been known to affect the quality of sperm and testosterone levels in a negative way. Simply rubbing a couple of drops of rose essential oil on the pulse points or diffusing it in your bedroom could set your mood.

If you want to use oral treatment then use Vidalista 60.

4. Cinnamon oil

The oil from cinnamon is proven to boost the levels of hormones. It additionally improves sexual performance. One study claims that it improves testosterone level and sperm count in males. This study offers promising data for all sufferers of issues with penile erection. This oil has a substantial quantity of trans-cinnamaldehyde, which can be described as an aldehyde with aromatic properties that provides aphrodisiac qualities. It does this by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system that prepares the body to take the action. When this portion that controls the nerve system is activated, it is able to carry out the control of the endocrine systems result in the release of hormones that regulate sexual function.

5. Ylang

Another essential oil that works at a number of levels in aiding men to treat the symptoms of ED. It is one of the top oils that can be used in increasing sexual wellness. The delicate floral aroma is extremely appealing to all. The applications of that particular essential oil are quite numerous. It actually provides a feeling of euphoria. It creates a feeling of satisfaction, a sense of well-being and increases self-esteem. The Ylang the ylang plant is used to treat depression, frigidity as well as anxiety.

6. Oils of clove and cinnamon

The two oils result in an increase in blood circulation which increases sexual activity. A study carried out in 2003 revealed that the two oils enhance the sexual activity of male rats. Extracts resulted in an increase in the mating behavior of the animal, and improved mating performances and also. The nutmeg triggers stimulation of the brain and boosts the spirit of the person. The result from the application of clove oil and nutmeg is comparable to Sildenafil citrate which is a chemical being used to treat ED. Therefore, this combination is a fantastic solution to alleviate the symptoms of impotence.


Essential oils are unquestionably magical and make a major contribution to the overall health of humans. Fildena 100 can be utilized in curing the problem of erectile dysfunction. If you’re not all content with the pharmaceutical alternatives, which could cause side negative effects and you want to try using something that is natural, it is among the most effective options.

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