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5 Tips to Choose Best Real Estate Agent in Colorado.

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If you have homes for sales or you have planned to sell your house or apartment, you will naturally contact one or more real estate agents for estimates.

But once you have your estimates, how do you choose the right real estate agent, the one to whom you will entrust your project and who will accompany you for several months? In this article I’m sharing 5 tips on the basis of which you can choose best real estate agent in Evergreen, Colorado or anywhere.

  1. The feeling of confidence

Does the person in front of you, who will take care of your property, inspire you with confidence?

Do you feel that the relationship is based on trust?

Or is his one and only goal to earn the commission?

Remember that a real estate agent is there to work for you.

I like to say the following thing:

It is not the agency which is the boss of the real estate agent but the owner because it is he who gives work to the agent.

Don’t find an agency but rather find an agent that you can trust because if you feel trust, the buyer will feel it.

  1. How long has this person been doing this job?

How long has she been in the field? Is he a beginner or has 10/15 years of experience? This is the second criterion, if it has been on the market for a long time, it means that it is competent and that it sells. Otherwise it would be a long time since he left the market.

  1. The technology that he will make available to you to sell your property

Is he able to take HDR (High dynamic range) photos to enhance your property?

Does he have the necessary tools to showcase your property?

But it is not enough that we tell you “I have tools”. He has to show you what he has done he has to show you his files, his photos. And that is very important because the quality that you will see in the files and photos is the kind of quality you will have and you can decide if you like it or not.

  1. Is he able to correctly estimate my property in the market in which i am?

A competent agent will know the difference between bank value and market value. The bank value is often lower than the market value but the market must also adapt to the banking market.

So the broker who can not only give you an estimate based on technical estimates but also on his experience on the market and what is for sale on the market and show you why your property must be put at that price before to be able to be negotiated.

  1. Does this real estate agent want to work in the interest of the owner?

It is really very important. His intention is to take his commission? Or does he really intend to help me so that I obtain the best result as the owner? And that you must feel it.

It is not the agency that will sell your property but the agent so take the time to speak with him, discuss and share with him to understand if this relationship that you create with him shows that he is curious to understand what is your goal, why you are selling, what are your reasons for selling, your deadlines what do you expect from it, what is needed and requested from you.

If you feel that he wants to take care of you, it’s because his interests are yours. And a real estate agent who looks after the owner’s best interests before his own is always more efficient than another.

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