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Why your school management system should include a traffic management module

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Parents’ main concern is the safety of their children. Some parents can drop off their children safely, others have to send them by their own means. School transport is a major concern as you will not be physically there to ensure your child gets to and from school safely. Therefore, they cannot ask their children to use public transport, go to school or drive private cars. One way to remedy this is for the school to take on this responsibility. For this reason, schools have long had a transportation management system to safely pick up and drop off students at school. This gives parents peace of mind and ensures their child is in their hands. This is the advanced school traffic management module. Today, it is a widely used school management software that helps educational institutions manage their businesses and is preferred by parents.

What is a Traffic Control System;

Some schools only implement standalone motion management system software, while others integrate it as a module into their standard school management system. Rather than maintaining a separate database, school administrators can track their transportation needs for all administrative or financial purposes on a unified platform.

The transport module includes an end-to-end integrated management system. Record the details of each driver assigned to the bus daily. It also includes vehicle number, number of children choosing school transportation, fees paid and more. The system also allows management to notify parents of changes, including bus fares, which are reviewed annually. Plus, the administration can easily monitor the school bus fleet and record key metrics.

What are you Doing;

How many features does the school want to add to the traffic management module? Different vendors provide different functions and can be customized. Here is a list of popular features to include in your traffic management system:

Description of new Routes and Stops;

Sometimes leaving early does not guarantee that the student will not be late. It is influenced by external factors such as traffic volume, weather and others. All school buses can have a route that will get you to school as quickly as possible. The bus usually has special stops for students. Therefore, whenever a new student decides to take a school bus, the administration can determine which route is less traveled and less economical by considering alternate routes and informing the driver. This allows the administration to control the early and punctual arrival of all students.

Responsibility Ensures that only Properly Equipped Vehicles are Used;

Keeping a child safe is about more than getting to school safely. On the other hand, the level of the bus is also very important. It is important to ensure that all the seats on the bus are functional and that no broken windows could injure the child. The child cannot stand up or sit on the ground because school transport is a paid additional service. Keeping students safe at school also ensures that students are not late or on the move. This means that the administration must put all the buses into service and carry out the necessary maintenance work. In addition to making sure buses have enough fuel and oil, there are other ways to keep the vehicle running smoothly.

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Establish Ground rules;

Since school is a place of rules and regulations, it is not surprising that this principle also encompasses traffic. For example, students must be on time and stay at the pick-up point when the bus arrives. If a child misses the bus, the parents cannot blame the school. Children should also respect property on the bus, be careful not to break or damage seats or windows, and keep the inside of the bus clean. All of these rules must be posted in a dedicated space available to students and parents to ensure compliance. The feedback tool also allows a parent or student to file a complaint if the driver exceeds the limit.

Monitoring of Bus Fleets in Real Time;

Supervising each bus is the best way to ensure the safety of the child. Therefore, the administration must control all buses registered at the school. If necessary, the school can offer parents to follow the route, while the administration can always follow the route chosen by the driver. This creates transparency for the parents, while management can monitor the driver. For example, if a school discovers that it is incurring unnecessary fuel costs, checking the tracking information is a sure way to check. Also, if a bus suddenly fails, real-time monitoring allows the school to quickly dispatch another bus.

Send Notifications to Parents;

The school must send all transportation notices to parents. This includes any emergency notifications to ensure student safety or schedule change notifications. Parents should also receive notifications about route changes or the time it takes to pick up a group of students at a specific location. You must also be notified when you switch to buses that normally carry students. For example, a superseded bus registration number could possibly be sent to the driver. If a bus is not available, the school must notify parents in advance that they are not available so they can prepare in case they do not miss school that day. The easiest way to send notifications is to provide a mobile app where parents can log in to find all the information they need.

Simple Payroll and Shipping Costs;

Managing finances is often a tedious and delicate task. It would be difficult to record education and travel costs separately. The traffic expert module integrated into the school management system simplifies school administration. When payments are due, you can send the required amount via email or SMS. Good software providers offer the option to pay online through a secure payment gateway. Automatic receipts can be generated for parents, while the finance team can easily view the history of all transactions made for the school. After payment, the module immediately updates the student’s file. The transportation management system also ensures that drivers receive their payments on time. The system immediately reminds the administration to pay the corresponding fees. Depending on the number of days the driver has been on duty, the finance team can pay the amount due without error. Thus, the transport module simplifies the processing of payroll and the collection of shipping costs.

Our School: All-in-one school management system that you can integrate with a traffic management module;

Our school is an ideal solution for schools that want to increase their administrative burden. Our School SMS helps you digitize all data into one integrated platform, whether it’s tagging attendees, tracking student growth, or managing parent relationships. It is a comprehensive online school portal that contains various modules that can be customized as per your needs. If you want to integrate a traffic management module, our school makes it easy for you. Ensure that students arrive safely at their destination on each official school trip and monitor the frequency of vehicle use. This information allows you to budget and allocate funds for fuel, maintenance, and necessary repairs to ensure they are available throughout the school year.

To be a Comprehensive Educational Institution that Prioritizes the Education and Safety of Children;

The role of an educational institution in modern society is not limited to researchers. They are the pillar of the child’s growth and development, which makes them responsible citizens. Some students live far from their schools, so their parents need to ensure travel routes are safe. Many students do not have access to quality education due to lack of transportation. They are home-schooled or must attend a school close to home, which may not offer regular education or adequate development opportunities. The rotation module has a positive effect on the school management application. It demonstrates the schools’ commitment to quality education by offering the possibility of following the child’s journey from home to the doors of the institute. Be a pioneer in keeping education and student safety at the highest level by integrating a transportation module into your school management system.

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