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Why you should buy car insurance online in India?

HomeLifestyleHealthWhy you should buy car insurance online in India?


The internet has almost taken over the world. These days socialization means pinging on social media sites, job hunting is done online, food is ordered through apps, shopping is done from apps and websites, and due to COVID-19 even learning is being done through online classes. While so many things are being done in just a few clicks, why shouldn’t it have its effect on the insurance industry, right? Well, the wave of the internet has not spared the insurance industry as well.

The Internet has certainly made all of our lives much easier since we can find several car insurance companies online now. If you are considering buying car insurance online, you will thank yourself for making the decision. Let us discuss why purchasing car insurance online is a prudent idea.

Lesser paperwork

When you buy car insurance online, minimal paperwork is involved. As a matter of fact, several motor insurance companies provide car insurance to the customers without any paperwork at all. You can fill the proposal form and submit the scanned copy of the necessary documents online. As the policy is issued to you, you will receive a soft copy of your document on your email ID.

No need of contacting an insurance agent

When you are buying car insurance online, there is absolutely no need for getting in touch with an insurance agent. This means you can save a lot of your time and avoid the motor insurance jargons which common man does not understand.

Much economical

Purchasing car insurance is way cost-effective than buying it offline. As a motor insurance company sells car insurance online, it does not add operational costs to the insurance products. Also, there is no need of keeping any agent working as a liaison. Apart from these, the paperwork is also minimal and everything is digitalized. As a result, it gets much economical than buying it traditionally.


There is no point in doing something that is not convenient. And as you plan to buy car insurance online, you can do it without the need of leaving your house. Also, there is no specific time when you have to visit the insurance office. You can do it while relaxing at home. To pay the premiums of the insurance, you can use your bank card or internet banking. 

Instant issuance of policy

As you purchase car insurance online, the policy is issued to you instantly in the majority of cases. There is absolutely no need to wait for days just to receive the documents of the policy. 

Fast process

If we compare the online process and offline process of buying car insurance, the online process is certainly much faster. The few things that you are required to do are fill up the details of your car along with your contact details. Once you complete the process, your documents will be sent to your registered email ID in just a few minutes. On the other hand, when you try to do it online, you would first need to find an agent, fill up a form, and then submit it. You may have to wait for days to receive the documents at your address. 

Easy checking credibility of the insurance company

You can check the review of the previous customers of the motor insurance company. Most of the reviews are genuine and you can trust them. You can also check the Incurred Claim Ratio. This will help you to understand if your claim will be approved or not. 

To find some of the best motor insurance companies, you can visit the website of IIFL. You will get several options and can choose your preferred one easily.

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