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Why Are KTM Bikes A Big Name In The Indian Market?

HomeFinanceWhy Are KTM Bikes A Big Name In The Indian Market?

KTM is an Austrian bike brand that, like BMW and Harley Davidson, has found success in India within a short time. Their reason for success: KTM’S high-quality product, which has been designed to make the user feel confident on the road.

KTM entered India back in 2012. Within a short time, KTM became one of the fastest-growing bike manufacturers in India. KTM is an acronym for Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. It is an Austrian bike brand that is renowned worldwide for its track-only and track-ready motorcycles. KTM engines are mostly single-cylinder units. Another significance of KTM engines is that they are rev-happy with a compression ratio of 13:1.

The Timing for the Brand’s India Entry was Impeccable

With the entry of KTM bikes in India, the Indian motorcycle enthusiasts became quite bored. By this time, there was no longer a curiosity to buy other motorcycles and it forced bike makers to return to their design studios and revolutionize their designs.

From its prototype made from magnesium to a line-up of superbike models, KTM has opened the doors for Indian motorcycle enthusiasts to dream big.  Its unique DNA has seen the company grow exponentially in India, with global expansion coming up soon.

All KTM Bikes Come with an Otherworldly Design Language

KTM bikes offer three types of bike body styles. The first one is the naked streetfighter style bike range that consists of the Duke range. The second category is that of the semi faired track-ready compact sports bike range that consists of the RC series. The third category is the semi-naked adventure bike range that consists of the Adventure range.

KTM Offers a Wide Range of Bikes In Terms of Engine Displacement

KTM provides a wide range of motorcycles with different engine displacements. This means that all types of riders, from beginners to seasoned riders, can find a bike from KTM that suits their needs and riding style. We offer off-road military grade protection for all models, which are built to withstand the toughest conditions in our relentless pursuit for making motorcycles for us all.

KTM Bikes are Equipped with Performance-Oriented Features

KTM bikes are also preferred by motorcycle enthusiasts who are always on the hunt for bikes with advanced features and technology. Being known as a top-notch manufacturer, KTM has produced some of the most popular off-road vehicles, including off-road motorcycles and ATVs.

For instance, all KTM motorcycles in Asian countries are engineered on the legendary Trellis frame. The gear case on all KTM motorcycles is track-tested. All suspensions equipped on KTM motorcycles come back from WP Apex. The brake calipers on KTM motorcycles are from ByBre (By Brembo)! Then there’s the slipper clutch on KTM motorcycles in Asian countries. The operation of the slipper clutch is to permit aggressive downshifts while not protecting the rear wheel!

KTM Bikes are Known for Their Sharp and Dynamic Ride Quality

KTM Bikes are known for their sharp and dynamic ride quality. With a KTM bike, you can enjoy a fast and comfortable ride.

KTM motorcycles square measure offered to customers solely when the bikes have evidenced their advantage on the check tracks. One would possibly suppose that it’s what each alternative OEM will do; however that’s not the case. Sure, alternative OEMs do check their bikes on their check tracks however KTM takes it a notch higher!

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