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Which Variant of Rubik’s cube is easy to solve

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With the world evolving and levelling up, even the Rubik’s cube has evolved and brought to us its amazing variations.

These variations are both tougher and easier than a Rubik’s cube.

We understand that sometimes solving a Rubik’s cube might seem very complex, and you might want to start solving these twisty puzzles with a much easier version than the Rubik’s cube.

So, if this idea resonates with you, then this article is perfect for you.

Here, we are going to talk about the easiest version of a Rubik’s cube, which is a snake cube.

A snake cube is hands down one of the easiest variants of Rubik’s cube and could be solved with just a few steps.

So, let’s know more about the snake cube first, and then understand the steps to solve it.

As the name suggests, the snake puzzle is a combined chain of 27 cubes. Each part of the chain contains three or fewer parts. This is an exciting puzzle, very different from Rubik’s Cube or any other cube that looks similar to Rubik’s Cube. These cubes are connected to each other by a rope that runs through the centre of the cube and connects all 27 cubes together. The goal of the solver is now to determine the direction of the chain to transform it into a three-by-three cubic structure. Basically, the chain must be transformed into a cube of layman language. Very interesting, isn’t it? so! It’s really interesting and difficult.

The snake puzzle not only looks interesting but also interesting to solve.

Although most Rubik’s cubes are inspired by Rubik’s Cube, such as Rubik’s Cube Master, Axial Rubik’s Cube, Ghost Rubik’s Cube, and other such Rubik’s Cubes, their solutions are hidden in the Rubik’s Cube solution. But the snake puzzle is not the case. The mystery of the snake is very complicated and clear in solving it.

To help you solve this amazing puzzle, here is a 7-step guide that you can follow and solve the puzzle without any difficulty.


Place your puzzle straight on a flat surface and identify the pieces. Once you are satisfied with the different parts and living arrangements. Find the part of three dice in a row. This will be the starting point of the solution.


After you select the blocks of three consecutive cubes, turn the inner parts of the other three cubes over and place them next to the three selected cubes. Now you have two-three cubes arranged on top of each other.


Put the two three-cube parts you developed in the first two steps upright. This means that two three cubes are set up so that the adjacent cubes lie flat on the table below the two-three cubes.


Now the upright part of the end has formed an L shape. The next step is to rotate the L-shaped part formed at the end of the chain toward the chain itself. Repeat this step four times to create a living figure and reduce the length of the chain. You would imagine a fuzzy cube shape formed with any subsequent rotation.


Now the base is complete, from here, all you need to do is to wrap the chain around the base as shown in the picture. Packaging is easy and fun. You will start to see the graphics of the cube displayed with all the packaging of the part.


Continue to turn the puzzle, and then start wrapping the cubes at the loose ends. Look! You will see the cube appear, and the chain finally becomes a cube.


Appreciate your hard work and achievements, and humbly brag about your solution. You finally successfully solved the mystery of the snake.

Though the snake puzzle is definitely one of the easiest variations of the Rubik’s cube, with the above step-by-step guide, we assure you that it would become a cakewalk.

Moreover, a snake puzzle is extremely versatile and could be played and explored in many ways. All you have to do is run your creativity and work around the snake cube.

And once you get well-versed with this twisty puzzle, you can definitely level up your game and look for more variations of Rubik’s cube, level by level, and work your cube solving skills.

Snake Puzzle is a very cool and practical game that you can take with you during travels, school trips and even daily family gatherings. Not only can they help you increase brain activity, but they can also make you feel cool and look cool in a crowd.

Imagine how cool is it to solve the snake mystery among people who can’t even see the first side?

If your snake puzzle is of the highest quality, wouldn’t it be cool?

So, if you are searching for a premium quality snake cube, then search nowhere else other than Cubelelo.

Cubelelo is India’s largest online cube store that has a great variety of good quality cubes. Choose any as per your suitability.

Happy Cubing! Explore more

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