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What You Need to Know About Universal Joints and Breather Valves

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Universal joints, also called u-joints, are connectors to transmit rotary motion from one shaft to another. Notably, the transmission is possible even if the shaft is not in line with the first or variation in the alignment.

You can create flexible connections between two rigid shafts at an angle with the joints. Universal joints allow the transmission of constantly varying power, connecting the propeller shaft with the gearbox shaft to transmit the rotary motion.

If you do not use universal joints, it is impossible to transmit power under varying conditions. In addition, the device is also used in vehicles having coupling shafts between clutch and gearbox, main gearbox and auxiliary gearbox and on driving shafts of the front axle.

Typically, you will find two types of universal joints, and the number of bending joints defines them:

Single Joint

It comes with one bending aspect and can operate up to a 45-degree angle.

Double Joint

It comes with two bending joints. And they can operate at angles up to 90 degrees. In addition, double joints can accommodate parallel offset between two shafts with an operating angle of the central section between 0 and 45 degrees.

The material composition of universal joints also accounts for their difference. In addition, their hub type and the applications for which they are used also create the difference.

The common material for making universal joints is steel. It is either in stainless form; or alloyed with other metals to enable the joint to handle more torque and temperature effectively.

In addition, plastics and thermoplastics are also used as materials in constructing universal joints. Typically, universal joints made of these materials are higher in rust and corrosion resistance, apart from electrical and magnetic insulations.

Hub Styles

There are two hub-styles for universal joints:


Solid hub universal joints are solid in appearance and do not undergo machining. So, they do not have a hole.


Bored universal joints get their name from the shape of the hole in their hubs– round, hex or square.

What are Breather Valves?

Breather valves are pressure relief valves that are used as protective devices in atmospheric and low-pressure storage tanks.

The fundamental function of the valves is the prevention of explosions in tanks due to the increased pressure. In addition, the valves can prevent inward collapsing during the filling or emptying of the storage tanks. The collapsing can result in a decrease in a vacuum to lead to implosion.

Moreover, the values retain the vapor until the tank attains the preset pressure. Another special function of the Moreover, breather valves can protect the storage tank during the out-breathing mode.


The primary function of the breather valves is controlling the in-breathing and out-breathing to protect the storage tank.

A storage tank needs a proper vent that matches the tank to allow it to breathe in and out properly.

Typically, the in-breathing and out-breathing of the tank occur during the loading and unloading operations. Due to the breathing process, the valves can protect the tanks from rupture due to overpressure or against collapse caused by vacuum.

Moreover, venting systems protect storage tanks and vessels from the propagation of flames that can lead to an explosion. And, storage tanks carrying flammable liquid need to breathe and reduce the evaporation loss. With breather valves, you can help tanks breathe in and out.


You should ensure that you purchase quality breather valves and universal joints for your business. Therefore, you should choose a trusted supplier to make sure that the products are of good quality.

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