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What would different book characters would wear?

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If you are a book enthusiast, you sure know how it is to imagine everything that happens in a book, and feel like you are part of it. And if you are a fashion enthusiast as well, we know you thought about every character’s outfits and clothing style, we did too. In this article, we are taking a journey through some famous stories and their main characters to see what they would wear.

We choose a general style for each of them, just to get the bigger picture, but if you read these books, we’re sure you imagined every single outfit of theirs. If you read all these books, make sure to check out Goodreads for more inspiration on what to read next, and who knows, maybe we’ll make a part two.

Holden Caulfield – Catcher in the Rye

This absolute masterpiece by J.D. Salinger is about the life of Holden Caulfield, a teenager who, after being expelled from his school, wanders around New York, postponing his homecoming. It’s very easy to love Holden for his charisma, straightforwardness and for his adventurous personality, but when it comes to what he would wear, we found it very hard to tell. We know that he wears his red hunting hat through many scenes in the book, but that is more of a symbol rather than a stylish accessory.

Because the book was written in the 40s, we believe Holden would wear some baggy trousers with a half unbuttoned shirt, in a very casual and careless style. We know his family is rich, but we also know that he is more of a rebellious and casual kind of person, so a totally careless “throw something on” look with stylish pieces is what we imagine for him.

Gabriel Oak – Far from the Madding Crowd

The next character we’ll talk about is Gabriel Oak, a modest shepherd from the late 1800. The book touches subjects such as love, betrayal and honor and it’s not a book that you can put down easily. Considering the time frame when this book takes place and the type of man Gabriel is, we can only see him in Irish sweaters. The work he is doing requires warm clothes, he is surrounded by sheep, so we imagine he would wear wool sweaters and because the action takes place in rural England, and exactly at the time when Aran sweaters gained popularity, everything fits perfectly.

To understand what type of clothes we are talking about, you can check out these Aran sweaters and get the look we described. Hopefully, Bathsheba is knitting his sweaters and their marriage still prospers to this day.

Raskolnikov – Crime and Punishment

In this well-known philosophical and crime novel by Dostoevsky, the main character, Rodion Raskolnikov’s ideas and philosophies about life will make you wanna finish the book in 2 days. This character goes through a mental anguish in the book, so it is only fair that we would see him in a dark academia aesthetic when it comes to his clothes. He is a poor former law student, so his budget wouldn’t be too high, but you can check out some dark academia looks on Pinterest and we guarantee that you will see Dostoevsky’s character in some of the looks.

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