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What is the job profile of the SSC Stenographer? What is the career growth as SSC Stenographer?

HomeEducationWhat is the job profile of the SSC Stenographer? What is the career growth as SSC Stenographer?

The Staff Selection Commission holds the SSC Stenographer exam. The candidates are selected for the Stenographer Grade C and D for several government organizations, departments, and ministries. The recruitment for the SSC Stenographers conducted only through online mode.

In this article, we will discuss the job profile of the SSC Stenographer. It includes salary, postings, career growth, and other perks.

How You Can Appear for SSC Stenographer Examination?

 The SSC Stenographers a government post that you can get after qualifying for the exam. To qualify for the exam, you have to appear on two papers, Paper I and Paper-II. You can appear for the exam if you have passed the 12th standard exam.

Important Job Responsibilities of an SSC Stenographer

 Firstly, you have to understand the job responsibilities of an SSC Stenographer before appearing in the exam.

Assisting the Officer and Minister

When you qualify to become a Stenographer, you will assist a minister or an officer. Along with the regular paperwork, you have to write declarations and speeches for them. It is because Stenographers have in-depth knowledge other than anyone due to regular involvement in these types of tasks.

Briefing for Press Conference

As a Stenographer, you will also have to attend press conferences with your senior officer. You will have to record the statements of people in the event. The stenographer also has to help in its department to prepare a press release.

Writing Speeches

One of the main tasks of the Stenographer is to write declarations and speeches. You will also have to note down the points and important discussions of the meetings and speeches given by your senior officer.

Managing the Public Relations

Additionally, as a Stenographer, you have to make several important notes daily. These notes are basically about the important information and issues related to the government departments. This part is extremely crucial as it will further reach to the public.

Salary of an SSC Stenographer

The salaries of SSC stenographers will vary according to the Grade they apply for. Thus, it is notable that the salary of a Grade C SSC Stenographers higher than Grade D. The Gross Pay will be further deducted for provident funds, income tax, etc.

Read below to have a brief idea about the salary of a Grade C and Grade D SSC Stenographer.

Grade Pay Range Grade Pay Gross Pay
Grade D Rs. 5200-20,200 Rs. 2400 Rs. 37,515
Grade C Rs. 93,00-34800 Rs. 4200 Rs. 50.682

Allowances and Perks of SSC Stenographer

The SSC Stenographers of each grade are paid a handsome amount as salary every month. There are other types of allowances and perks other than the salary. They are-

  • House Rent Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Phone Bill Reimbursement
  • Dearness Allowance
  • Travel Allowance

What are the Postings of an SSC Stenographer?

The posting of an SSC Stenographerdepends upon the Grade they apply for. If you qualify for the SSC Stenographer Examination, you will be posted across several departments and ministries across Central Government in the country.

Stenographer Grade D (Group X) – The candidates are appointed for the ministries in Central Government. Thus, they are mostly appointed in Delhi.

  • IFS
  • Directorate of Forensic Science
  • Railway Board Secretariat
  • ECI
  • Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
  • Central Vigilance Commission
  • Headquarters of Armed Forces
  • Central Secretariat

SSC Stenographer Grade D (Group Y)- the candidates are posted in the ministries of Central Government, across different states and Union Territories across the country.

  • Comptroller and Auditor General of India
  • Controller General of Defence Accounts

SSC Stenographer Grade C– the candidates are only posted in Delhi

  • Indian Foreign Service
  • Headquarters of Armed Force
  • Election Commission of India
  • Central Vigilance Commission
  • President’s Secretariat

What is the Selection Process for the SSC Stenographer Examination?

Firstly, you have to appear for the Preliminary SSC Stenographer Examination. It is held online, and the questions will be in English and Hindi language.  You will be given multiple-choice questions that you need to complete within 2 hours. Hence, the whole exam will be 200 marks.

These are the topics that you need to cover-

  • Comprehension and English Language-100 Marks
  • Reasoning and General Intelligence-50 Marks
  • General Awareness-50 Marks

Apart from that, for every wrong answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted as negative marking. Thus, you must be sure to choose the right answer to increase the chances of selection.

Skill Test

After you qualify for the Prelims, you have to appear for the skill test. In this, you will be tested for different skills. It basically includes typing and dictation.


  • Grade C candidates will be given 40 minutes for English and 55 minutes for Hindi to type 1000 words.
  • Grade D candidates will be given 65 minutes for Hindi and 50 minutes for English to type 8000 words.

Dictation-You will be given dictation in Hindi or English for 10 minutes with a speed of 100 words and 80 words per minute for Grade C and Grade D posts, respectively.

Career Growth of SSC Stenographer

 If you are planning to appear for the SSC Stenographer exam, then you will get various opportunities for career growth. You will get several promotions based on your service and experience throughout the years. You will be able to lift your status in both the financial and social periphery. However, you must not forget that being an SSC Stenographer is also a great responsibility.

How will you get promotions?

If you want to achieve promotions as an SSC Stenographer, then you have to appear for the examinations. It is very crucial to crack the departmental examination to get promotions to a higher grade. Hence, if you can prepare yourself, no one can stop you from reaching the highest cadre.

Hence, if you become an SSC Stenographer, you will get various job opportunities and perks. You have to prepare thoroughly for the exams with BYJU’s Exam Prep to excel in them. The above information related to the SSC Stenographer Examination will help to get a brief idea about the salary, job opportunity, promotions, postings, etc.

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