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What is the Best Roller Coaster Place in the World?

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There are many people in the world who have an adventurous soul as they like to try everything that will make their blood rush and heartbeats faster. One of the best things that adventurous people can enjoy is Roller Coaster. Jumping on a Roller Coaster and completing the whole track gives people a sort of satisfaction that no other thing can provide and that is why there are many people who enquire about the best and the tallest and loopiest roller coasters that they can ride on. 

The thrill provided by sitting on roller coaters is a feeling that is unbeatable hence, here we are going to tell you about the most awesome, scariest, and tallest roller coaster rides present in the world. 

Best and Tallest Roller Coasters in the World

So, without wasting any more time let’s tell you about the rides that will make your blood flow and ears ring. 

Formula Rossa 

Location: Ferrari World, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The best roller coaster in terms of its speed is the Formula Rossa that is available in UAE in the Ferrari world where you can definitely go and experience this scary ride to have the best experience of your life. The roller coaster has a speed that goes up to 150 miles per hour and you will feel your blood rushing in your veins after you sit on this ride. 

Kingda Ka

Location: Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey

If you are looking for the tallest roller coaster in the world 2022 then, let me tell you that Kingda Ka is the ride that you are looking for. This ride is one of the fastest rides in the world along with being the tallest which makes it the scariest ride in the world that people can experience. The track of the roller coaster is 456 feet which means that the height of the roller coaster is similar to a 45 stories skyscraper. This intense ride is one of the most deadly rides and the time span on the ride is only 50 seconds and even this is too much for many people. 

Jersey Devil Coaster

Location: Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey

The Six Flag Great adventure has another ride that falls on the list of the tallest, fastest, and deadliest roller coasters in the world. If you are a fan of the thrill that you experience that comes from speed then, Jersey Devil Coaster is a ride that you should definitely experience. This amazing roller coaster was launched in June 2021 and in just two years; the ride has managed to scare people from all around the world. 

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Steel Dragon 2000

Location: Nagashima Resort, Japan

For Asian Roller Coaster fans, we present you with the longest Roller Coaster in the world, Steel Dragon which is present at the Nagashima Resort in Japan. This steel roller coaster costs around 52 million dollars and can seat 2022 passengers for one trip. I am sure that you will be very much thrilled and scared when you ride this roller coaster. 

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