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What is Microsoft Viva Engage?

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Microsoft Viva Engage is a new employee experience platform that helps organizations create a more engaged, productive, and purpose-driven workforce. It combines the best of technology and people-cantered approaches to help organizations drive employee engagement at all levels.

When it comes to using Microsoft tools such as Microsoft Viva in your own business, it is a great idea to have a Microsoft solutions partner who can help you. We spoke with one of the top Microsoft solutions partners in the United Kingdom, TechQuarters, and they told us that the IT Support London Solutions they provide their customers with are always enhanced by the different Microsoft software and tools just like Microsoft Viva. They spoke about the entire Microsoft 365 productivity suite and sang its praises in terms of the ways in which it optimises productivity and streamlines process is across all different businesses and all different sectors, no matter their shape or size.

The platform brings together Microsoft 365, Teams, and Yammer to provide a seamless experience for communication, collaboration, and connection. Microsoft Viva Engage is an employee engagement platform that is part of the Microsoft Viva suite of employee experience solutions. Viva Engage is designed to help organizations improve employee engagement and foster a sense of community within their workforce. As a business owner, you really should invest in an IT support partner just like Techquarters you provide IT Support in London –  not only will they be able to help you get the most out of your Microsoft tools, they will also be able to provide your teams with ongoing training and proactive support to ensure that you don’t have any hiccups or downtime.

Viva Engage provides a variety of features and tools that help employees connect, share knowledge, and collaborate with each other. It also includes a set of tools and services that help organizations drive employee engagement, including:

  1. Employee recognition: Viva Engage allows employees to recognize and appreciate the contributions of their colleagues through a recognition program. This can help foster a positive work culture and improve employee morale.
  2. Pulse surveys: Viva Engage provides a survey tool that allows organizations to gather feedback and insights from employees on a regular basis. This can help identify areas of improvement and gauge employee satisfaction and engagement.
  3. Knowledge sharing: Viva Engage includes a knowledge management system that allows employees to create, share, and find information and resources within the organization. This can help improve collaboration and productivity, as well as promote a culture of continuous learning.
  4. Social connections: Viva Engage provides a social platform that allows employees to connect with each other, share updates, and engage in conversations. This can help foster a sense of community within the organization and improve employee engagement.

A set of Services that help organizations drive employee engagement, including:

Viva Connections: A set of tools and services that helps employees connect with each other and find the resources they need

Viva Topics: A set of tools and services that helps employees discover and follow the topics that matter most to them

Viva Insights: A set of tools and services that provides employees with personalized recommendations on how to be more engaged and productive.

Overall, Microsoft Viva Engage is a powerful employee engagement platform that can help organizations improve their workforce experience and build a more connected and engaged workforce. We would highly recommend that you reach out to a Managed IT Services London provider just like TechQuarters, and find out what kind of solutions and services they might be able to help you with including how you can make use of Microsoft Viva in your own business. By providing a range of tools and features that facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and social connections, Viva Engage can help organizations build a positive and productive work culture.

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