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What Information You Should Write In The Dissertation Abstract

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A dissertation abstract is a very important part of the dissertation. It reflects to the reader what to expect in the coming research. The abstract must explain all parts of the dissertation. The abstract also claims to show the outcomes of the research to help the reader know what is this about. You can say it is a summary of long research. But when we are writing the abstract, we tend to ignore many important aspects. Most of us overlook what should we write in it and what should not.

General information

  • Write abstract at the end of the dissertation
  • The tone of writing should be independent, analytical, and not copied from the dissertation
  • The general word limit is 100-300 words, but it may vary for various journals
  • Add the abstract after the title and acknowledgement page
  • The content page comes after the abstract
  • This part of the dissertation is in the present or past tense, don’t use the future tense
  • Check formating and the precise use of grammar
  • Information to include in the dissertation
  • The sequence to follow or the information you must include in the dissertation abstract is here

Introduction Of The Aim Of The Research:

The initial lines must be about the introduction to the topic of research. Define the research in clear words and concepts. Include the theoretical concepts used in research to explain the research problem. You can also use the relevance to previous research but don’t go too deep into this. The main idea should be your research purpose. After explaining the aim of the research, you should write the objective statement. You can use words like ‘investigate’, ‘evaluate’ or analyze. For example,’ This research investigated the’ objective after this. It will give a better view of the research.


The method part of the dissertation has the concepts, theories, or practices used to address the aim of the research. You should write the main methods used in your research in the dissertation abstract too. This section should be in 2 lines. It should directly address the problem of research. Don’t give the reasons for the use of specific methods. It is a mere description of what method you used for the research objectives. For example, it can include a specific technology or a theory of implication. You can also include what type of study you used, quantitative or qualitative. The 2 to 3 lines would be enough to describe this information.


The results section should include the findings of the research. Most often one research has more than one parameter studied under the aim of the research. You cannot include all of the research parameters in the dissertation abstract. You should include the important parameters along with the obtained numerical information. If the study was qualitative, you can include the hypothesis and deductive statements. The results depend upon the type of study and the parameters studied under the aim of the research. It should be in present or past tense as you have already obtained these findings. Don’t address the gap of the study. Often researchers have certain limitations of the information. For example, the data set is too small, or the triggers of the environment. The results must be specific to the aim mentioned before in the dissertation abstract. Link the results with the aim at the end of the results. It will give the reader an analysis of the research use and its results.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, in the end, state the final remarks of the research. It must answer the following questions

  • How are the research outcomes being able to justify your research aim?
  • What is the central point idea of the research?
  • Was there any limitation to the study aim and result outcomes?

These questions would link the aim of the research with the study outcomes. It should give a clear understanding of the arguments used. The limitations can be of sample size or trigger of the environment in which you performed the study. The language should be clear and concise. Give a line of recommendations at the end of the conclusion.


The dissertation abstract contains the keywords the researcher uses to find the relevant articles. Identify the keywords of your research. You can include 3 to 5 keywords. These are the main idea themes of the research.

Information to Exclude

You must not include the following information in the abstract

The Review of Literature:

It is the review of the previous researches performed on similar research problems. It uses the references of the relevant authors to report their findings. Avoid using any review of literature themed information in the dissertation abstract. As the abstract is about what you have done so.

  • Don’t copy the material from the dissertation
  • It must not have the in-cite reference
  • There is no need to add the background
  • The introduction to the topic is not required
  • The associatory methods used are more required
  • Don’t include the unresolved problem statements
  • The gaps of the research are not required in the abstract. There is an extra part in the dissertation for addressing the gap and limitations.
  • Don’t use any ambiguous information it will jeopardize your research
  • You should not include any new information in the abstract stay relevant to your aim
  • Do not take the abstract as the summary of the research. It is the summary of every part of the research.

This misinformation can cause a bad image for the abstract. It will also cause problems for the reader to understand the research.


The dissertation abstract is a concise written material of the research work. It must have the important information of the research. You should write the information like aims, objectives, method and research outcomes here. The idea is to brief the important aspects of the research. Adding misinformation and extra information will hinder the reflection of the crux of research. There is a difference between the conclusion and the abstract. You should add the different sections of the research to reflect the whole information.

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