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What Every Prospective Villa Investor in Dubai Should Know

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Dubai has a lot to offer to its residents. And that is the precise reason for the growing popularity of the city.

In Dubai, there is an unmatchable lifestyle—tourist attractions, restaurants, cinema halls, parks, etc.

Notably, there is a remarkable boom in the economy of the city.

Due to the notable economic growth, many good career options have come up in the city.

Therefore, many foreigners have migrated to the city to advance their careers.

In addition, Dubai has become a central hub of diverse businesses.

Today, the oil & gas sector is not the only predominant business in Dubai.

Due to the visionary policies, the overall industrial landscape of Dubai has become multi-sectoral.

So, businesses belonging to diverse sectors, such as banking, insurance, real estate, tourism, information technology, etc.

Besides, Dubai also has become an international business destination due to its proximity to important countries.

As a result, many large global companies have set up their bases in Dubai.

Due to the all-around growth of the city, more and more foreigners have relocated to Dubai.

So, there has been a strong demand for real estate properties in the city.

But, there is an interesting twist to the real estate industry in Dubai.

Despite the increasing population, there has been no shortage of properties in Dubai. And that has happened due to the maturity of the real estate market.

Real estate developers have built numerous projects, matching demand with supply.

It will also not be an exaggeration to say that the real estate property supply is abundant.

So, if you are looking to move to Dubai, you can think of purchasing a property in Dubai.

Again, if you can spend a bit more, you can consider investing in a villa for sale in Dubai.

Vila Types in Dubai

There are many villas for sale in the city. You can consider investing in one of the available villas that come with 2 to 6-bedroom configurations.

Given the current trends, a 2-bedroom villa in the city comes with around 15,000 square feet of floor space. And the space can extend up to 18,000 square feet in some projects.

In addition, you can find a large duplex or triplex unit. In such properties, you will find multiple balconies and large rooftop terraces.

In the villa communities, you will find amenities, such as playgrounds, lawns, dedicated parking spaces, laundry and a servant room.

In addition, there are many off-plan properties in Dubai.

Off-plan properties are those that developers sell before the start of construction.

Usually, such properties are more affordable than ready-made ones as developers sell the properties through a feasible payment plan.

If you are interested in investing in off-plan property, you have options, such as Akoya Oxygen.

In addition, there are other options, such as Golf Place in Dubai Hills Estate and Emaar South.

In waterfront areas like Palm Jumeirah, you will get special and fully furnished villas which are ready to move in.

You will also get such villas in Al Barari, Jumeirah Golf Estates, and Dubai Marina.

Villa Sales Price Trend in Dubai

The good news is that the prices of villas are not very high.

According to the current trends, the prices for 2-bed villas for sale start at AED 700k. 

The sale price increases depending on the villa size and the locality.

Again, a 3-bed villa in Dubai costs around AED 2.3M.

However, such a villa in the off-plan mode can cost lower at around AED 750k.


There are many exclusive villas in Dubai with all the modern amenities. And various price points are catering to different budgets. Moreover, there is no difficulty in finding your dream villa. You can browse a dependable property website, like Toplatest, to choose your dream villa in Dubai.

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