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What are the different functionalities you can expect from windows movie maker?

HomeEntertainmentWhat are the different functionalities you can expect from windows movie maker?

The modern video editing and creating tools have opened up a window of opportunity for loads of content creators and potential users to make fascinating videos for the world to see. These video creating and editing tools have empowered the creators with some of the most varied and useful functionality for producing stunning videos that tell an interesting story. These tools have made the process of making and editing videos considerably simpler. Anyone with access to internet and a computer or a mobile phone can easily create effective videos for different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok amongst others. 

The windows movie maker is one of the most efficient and feature-rich software tool or application in the market. This application provides the ability to add stunning transitions, special effects, captions, and sound for narrating a gripping and compelling story. You can visit for downloading the software for free. Here you can also find a comprehensive documentation that explain the different aspects associated with the software and answers some of the basic queries that you might have regarding the functioning and execution of the software application.

Top class features and functionalities provided by windows movie maker

This software application is available to download for various operating systems and their versions. So you have windows 7 movie maker, windows 8 movie maker, windows 10 movie maker, and windows 11 movie maker. Besides windows, this application is also available for download at Mac for the Mac OS users.

In terms of functionality, Windows movie maker’s interface is designed to use ribbon toolbar. There is also an Auto movie feature that allows the application to export videos directly to DVDs and YouTube. Another high utility feature you get with this software is that it supports recording voice-overs, along with an audio mixer and integration with several free stock music services.

The video or audio files can be ripped into various number of short segments and it can still be played seamlessly. While the individual segments are isolated editing wise, so for instance, the music volume can be lowered for just a few seconds while someone is speaking. This makes windows movie maker one of the most amazing video editing software tools in the market.

There are different types of layouts available in windows movie maker for you to choose from. These include storyboard view and timeline view, collections for organizing imported video, and the preview pane.  The storyboard view offers the video project to be seen as a film strip showing each scene in clips. The timeline view allows you to view the video bar with audio information as well as one ‘Music/Audio’ bar, and one ‘Titles/Credits’ bar. In these layout bars, the clips can added for editing along with the still images that can be stretched to any desired number of frames. 


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