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Way to Reduce Gun Violence in America

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In recent years, there have been many events in the world that have literally affected everyone on the planet. First came Covid-19, which ruthlessly reduced the population of the planet, turning the life of some countries into a real nightmare. Once the outbreak of the disease subsided a bit, the world literally stood on the brink of World War III. The situation in Ukraine and the involvement of all countries in trying to resolve this issue have changed many people’s outlook on life. Many people do not feel safe and secure in their homes. Across the US citizens or trying to be more cautious about how they go about their everyday life. Even since COVID the number of purchases of firearms has increased many times over, then this can also be linked to the elections that were going on then as well as racial diktats and many other things. Now this gun violence situation is supported by world tensions.

Due to this increase we are seeing more deaths in homicides all across America. Many people are shooting first and thinking later. This could be because of their own anxiety of not feeling safe. On top of that people’s fear of death has caused some to act out in an outrageous way. Nonetheless this has caused many unnecessary shootings that could have been avoided by one simple task.

If people can undergo a dry fire training or a virtual training with firearms, then life could be so much easier. Virtual shooting range help students, young adults, as well as trained officials to be able to practice with a firearm without actually being in contact with a gun. With this technique it can help many people be able to shoot a gun more precisely without a victim getting hurt badly. Recently there has been many accidental shootings that have led to death. And something as simple as a virtual training could have avoided that. These virtual training that are available in home can help build any person’s accuracy up, and make the street more safe. After all, in today’s world it is sufficient to purchase a laser training system for dry fire, which can be installed on your smartphone as a regular app.

Dry firearm training is also a good technique to use was practicing shooting. it helped create an open space as if a person is shooting but without ammunition. This would be great for trained officials, moderate shooters who need a good practice, as well as beginning learner.

Overall, I feel like they are both great techniques to use to help better our accidental rate of death. the more people that use these techniques can help build awareness for others to start using that technique as well. This can create a safer environment for the US because more people would be more aware of the causes of deaths, as well as how to prevent them with a firearm.

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