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User-Friendly Social Media Tools Your Business Should Try

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Different social media tools are user-friendly, and they can help your business save money and time. As a result, you can concentrate on other matters, such as content development and ideation. Keep reading to learn about some great social media tools your business should try this year.

How to Determine Which social media Tools Are Beneficial to Your Business

The term “social media tool” is general and usually applies to different services. Nonetheless, there are some major features that user-friendly social media tools should have, and they include:

1. Helps to Increase Brand Awareness

One of the major benefits of using social media tools is the ability to increase brand awareness, which is why all social media tools should perform their services while keeping brand awareness in mind.

2. Saves You Time

The main goal is to save you time as you get better or similar results compared to when you never had access to social media tools. Ensure the social media tools you have chosen can automate different processes while ensuring they happen correctly, considering some shortcuts can be fast. Still, the quality of the final product won’t be as appealing.

3. Easy to Use

If a social media tool is intuitive and easy to use, it can save time. Every tool that you select is supposed to be user-friendly such that, if needed, your team can edit photos or even track social metrics daily. Most social media tools usually offer tutorials, which means you’ll have an easy time using them. Also, some of these tools have quality customer service, and you can get expert advice when you need it.

4. Keeps You Organized

Social media tools can help keep you organized, so you must ensure that the tools you use are efficient. Let’s now look into some of the user-friendly social media tools businesses should try.

  • Surveybot

This is a tool that is suitable for Facebook research. It can be used for both Facebook Workplace and Facebook. Facebook polls usually have a low response rate. Fortunately, with Surveybot, there is no need to worry about such. Anyone can complete the surveys via the Messenger App, and they won’t re-direct the responder. Using this tool, your survey response rates will be automatically enhanced.

The polls can also be shared on Facebook. They can also be boosted to reach a larger audience, thus increasing the response rate. With Surveybot, it is also possible to create audience panels from those who previously participated in the survey. If you’re an instructor, Surveybot will suit you if you use popular opinion when conducting a study.

  • SocialBook Video Background Remover

Are you looking for a tool that you can remove video background in your content? You can use the SocialBook video background remover. Using this tool, it is possible to detect the foreground pixel through powerful computer vision techniques, and the background will be removed from the image.

  • Sprout Social

This is a social media tool that’s easy to use and can collect data from different social networks. Using Sprout Social, it is possible to track Instagram followers and Facebook page impressions. It is important to have accurate statistics regarding your social media sites or when comparing outcomes on different social media platforms.

  • 4. Canva

Canva is a graphic design program, and it is quite popular. The tool has different templates that you can use when creating email headers and newsletters. Another admirable aspect of Canva is that the tool is user-friendly.

  • 5. Hootsuite

This is a social media research tool that’s easy to use. You can research, schedule, and analyze posts across social media networks using Hootsuite. The dashboard has Search streams, enabling you to track the relevant interactions with the products your brand produces. Also, you can learn about different hot topics based on hashtags and keywords. Your social media staff will also have an easy time using this tool.

  • 6. Snappa

If you want to create online drawings within a short period, Snappa is the tool you should use. The program can create visuals for blogs, emails, infographics, and advertisements. Using Snappa, you won’t stress yourself with choosing a picture that’s of the right size. Instead, you’ll choose from different layouts and add photos from a stock image collection. After that, you can apply the effects instantly.

Final Thoughts for Social Media Tools

If your business has yet to try out the social media tools listed above, you should try them. Some of these tools are accompanied by tutorials, which means you’ll have an easy time learning how to use them. Also, your business will gain significantly from the use of these tools.

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