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Are Stealth Belt Ostomy For Me? Check This Fool-Proof Guide To See If It’s A Fit

HomeLifestyleHealthAre Stealth Belt Ostomy For Me? Check This Fool-Proof Guide To See If It’s A Fit

There are many options on the market for anyone considering stealth belt ostomy. But before you make another impulsive purchase decision, it’s in your best interest to first ascertain whether ostomy belt is a necessary accesory or a waste of money in your case.

To do this, we are going to observe this ostomy accessory feature from the following perspectives to establish its necessity for your care. They are;

  • For enhanced security: this is the case for people who engage in one form of sport or another. To avoid the possibility of the ostomy pouch shifting during these activities, it is highly recommended that you secure an ostomy belt.
  • To ensure enhanced adhesion to the skin: there are instances where the pouch system may shift, or the flange on your stoma suffers a premature opening at the borders. You will need to get a stealth belt to help secure the pouch in position to avoid leakages.
  • Confidence booster: Many may feel their self esteem suffer a heavy blow each time they have to put on a pouch to hold up their body watstes. But with a stealth ostomy belt you will never have to worry about the possibility of others discovering your pouch accidentally. Unless, you deliberately want them to notice it.

With that said, let’s proceed to the advantages and limitations of putting on a stealth ostomy belt.

Advantages of ostomy belt

  • Helps you to be discrete. If you don’t want everyone poking nose into your life as regards your pouch, ostomy belt provides all the cover you will ever need.
  • It offers a safer alternative for securing your pouch to the skin. Especially for those with sensitive skins.
  • Helps to secure the pouch in position, thereby preventing any form of seepages from the pouch.
  • It helps to guarantee better sleep. The pouch may shift position while you are at sleep but you never have to fear this happening once you have a belt on.
  • Aids the draining of wastes from the stomach into the pouch system. ● Bolsters your self confidence, and self-esteem.

Disadvantages of ostomy belt

  • Ostomy belts may come off as expensive.
  • These osotmy belts may limit your choice of osotmy pouch since you will have to put sixe in consideration.
  • Wearing these ostomy belts too tight can cause skin irritation.
  • You may find it difficult to correctly position the belts depending on where your ostomy pouch is situated.

In Conclusion

So far, we have shown you the salient factors to consider before buying any ostomy belt, the advantages and the salient disadvantages associated with this ostomy accessory. We hope you find it to be helpful!

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