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U.S. and Mexico ‘Are Stronger When We Stand Together,’ Biden Says

President Biden and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico spoke on Monday about the shared challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and immigration, noting the nations’ history of cooperation.

“Mr. President, this is what I know: The United States and Mexico are stronger when we stand together. There is a long and complicated history between our nations that haven’t always been perfect neighbors with one another. But we have seen over and over again the power and the purpose when we cooperate. And we’re safer when we work together, whether it’s addressing the challenges of our shared border or getting this pandemic under control. In the Obama-Biden administration, we made a commitment that we look at Mexico as an equal, not as somebody who is south of our border. You are our equal. And what you do in Mexico and how you succeed impacts dramatically on what the rest of the hemisphere will look like.” “It is a pleasure to greet you. It is important that we base our good relationships on constant dialogue, periodic dialogue. I know our relations in the future will be even better. We are united by 3,180 kilometers of border. But we are not only united by geography, we are also united by our economies, our trade, our culture, our history and our friendship. I would like to also thank you after the call that we have had for wanting to base our relations on respect and equality. It is important for Mexico and we must keep on cooperating for further development based on independence and autonomy, potentializing what our peoples mean to us.

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