On Thursday, Awwad Alawwad, the president of Saudi Arabia’s human rights commission, said he was the official the allegations referred to. In a post on Twitter, he said that it had come to his attention that Ms. Callamard and the United Nations “believe I somehow made a veiled threat against her more than a year ago.”

“I reject this suggestion in the strongest terms,” he wrote in a subsequent post. “While I cannot recall the exact conversations, I never would have desired or threatened any harm upon a U.N.-appointed individual, or anyone for that matter.”

He also added that he was “disheartened that anything I have said could be interpreted as a threat,” maintaining that he was “an advocate for human rights.”

Ms. Callamard first disclosed the threats made against her in an interview with The Guardian this week. Ms. Callamard said a colleague had relayed to her that a senior Saudi official, in a meeting in Geneva in January 2020 with United Nations officials, had threatened to have her “taken care of.”


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