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Virtual reality has become very popular lately, technology used in virtual reality is used lucratively for many applications. Virtual reality techniques are widely used to create entertainment games for people. Real platforms allow people to get into situations they wouldn’t normally be involved in. Not everyone has the time, energy, willpower or desire to become a mountaineer in real life. But you can easily become a climber in a virtual environment. You may need goggles to feel like part of the climbing team and to feel and see the snow-capped mountains around you. A mixed reality simulates the environment. to create an environment where you feel part of it You can climb rocks, climb mountains and reach Mount Everest through virtual reality. You can dive several kilometers under the sea and possibly even reach the Mariana Trench via virtual reality. You can feel the danger and tension in a virtual reality driven environment. If you’ve ever been to the middle of the Pacific Ocean and swam out of it alive. Remember you just got lucky. that if you fall back into the ocean you might not be alive. But you can fall into any ocean while participating in an almost realistic game. as often as you want And always make sure you don’t get hurt.

Virtual Reality for tourists

In addition to the game Virtual reality technology also finds many applications in the tourism sector. Tourists are often taken to cinemas where virtual reality is shown in the form of movies. They have to sit in a comfortable seat and fasten to the seat with seat belts when the seat starts to vibrate once the giant screen in front comes to life with exciting or terrifying scenes. They felt as if they were walking through a dungeon or a forest in a movie theater equipped with ‘virtual reality’ devices. They could hear the screams of the wild beasts and even feel them being swept aside. Such cinemas are available in Singapore, Rome and other popular tourist destinations.

Virtual reality in history, science and crime

Virtual reality technology has many uses beyond applications. ‘Fun and entertainment’ With this technology, events and places from the past are created for historical and scientific research. First, information about people and places is collected. The same information is fed into the software and systems that make up the virtual technology. Software and systems mimic the situation as before. Historians and scientists can visit ancient caves and experience Neolithic life using virtual technology. Crime scenes can be simulated using near-real technology. And this can help police and detectives solve crimes and identify offenders after understanding the offender’s movements as if they were at the scene of the crime. After reconstruction using virtual reality Virtual reality technology is also widely used in therapeutic medicine and to treat people with limb and other ailments.The famous Stone Age Santimamine cave has been reconstructed using virtual reality technology . Scientific, topographical, geographic and other information Existing caves have been combined with virtual reality technology to recreate the caves as they were before.

Santimamine Caves gives you the opportunity to see the reconstructed Santimamine Caves that were once inhabited by Neanderthals.

Virtual Reality in business and industry

Virtual reality technology also finds many applications in the world of business and industry. The use of simulation, an important part of this technology. Prototypes and new products can be made, CAD, CAM and other mathematical and technical techniques. which is in the realm of virtual reality It is widely used in the automotive, naval, aerospace and aerospace industries. and other manufacturing Can build cars, boats, planes and machines. action research mathematical modeling statistical method Optimization strategy Decision tree method: And simulations are some of the techniques that are often used to make the right decisions. These techniques create realistic situations and look for the most suitable solutions in almost real situations. so that those solutions can be put into practice in solving operational problems.

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