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Top 5 Dog Boarding Facilities in Bangkok

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Before leaving your beloved pet in a boarding facility, you should visit it to check on hygiene and cleanliness. Also, check with the staff whether they have adequate knowledge of pet care and if an emergency vet is on-call. Most facilities require full vaccinations before boarding your dog. Moreover, they should be able to provide all basic health care requirements for your pet.


Unleashed dog boarding in Bangkok is not just any boarding facility. Unlike most boarding facilities, Unleashed Bangkok strives to create an environment that is both fun and safe for your pooch. The facility offers a large variety of activities for your pet to play with, including walks, swimming, and a ball pit. All of their facilities are clean, secure, and provide plenty of toys to keep your pet entertained.

Unleashed dog boarding in Bangkok has a large dog park and pool right next door. Gemma Booth, the Englishwoman who owns Unleashed, is committed to providing an environment where dogs can play freely, and stay healthy and happy. Unleashed’s kennels and doggy daycares in Bangkok are designed to be as similar to a home as possible, allowing your pet to socialize and exercise in a safe, secure environment.

Paradise 4 Paws

Unlike many Bangkok dog kennels, Paradise 4 Paws is not just for dogs. It also offers pet owners the chance to relax in luxurious suites. The resort offers 24-hour check-in, free shuttle service, and webcam access. The resort also features spacious play areas, as well as a variety of a la carte services. The resort is also committed to positive reinforcement.

Paradise 4 Paws has a variety of services designed to meet your dog’s needs and yours. Among these services is a 24/7 webcam, which lets you check on your dog from afar. If you are traveling during the day, you can access your pet’s photo album, as well as their daily activity log.

V.I.P Pet Hotel Bangkok

Pet Hotel Bangkok is a luxury boarding and daycare destination in the city. There are 58 spacious, air-conditioned rooms, with glass doors so that your dog can enjoy the view outside. The hotel offers the latest equipment and technologies to provide the best care for your pet. The hotel also offers grooming and training services.

If you’re travelling for business or pleasure, V.I.P Pet Hotel Bangkok has various dog boarding services, including a grooming service. There are also a variety of facilities on site, including a dog spa, a dog park, and a dog cafe. The hotel also has a shuttle service, which is convenient for you and your pet.

Dog Park 49

Dog Park 49 in Bangkok offers a safe, secure and outdoor dog park. The park is fenced in and has various obstacles for dogs to play with. A dog can run and play on the astroturf and enjoy the playground. You can even buy some treats for your pet. A pet store near the park sells all sorts of dog supplies and foods.

Located on Sukhumvit 49, Dog Park 49 is an excellent destination for families with dogs. It features two swimming pools, a playground, grooming services, a daycare, and even a hotel for owners and dogs.

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