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Tips and Advantage for Buy Laptop on EMI

HomeFinanceTips and Advantage for Buy Laptop on EMI

The option to buy products on EMIs has made the lives of the everyday consumer easy. Today, you can buy a new gadget or product without having to pay anything upfront, and even if that is the case, you only need to pay a meagre amount to purchase even the most expensive products.

The same holds for laptops as well, as getting a laptop on EMI is easier than ever with multiple banks, NBFC’s, and fintech’s offering credit to buy a new laptop at no cost EMI’s.

If you are thinking of getting a laptop and have been holding back due to a lack of funds, you don’t need to, as you can easily get one by taking the benefit of EMI schemes on offer. Let’s look at the advantages of getting a laptop on EMI.

No Need to Dig into Your Savings

You don’t need to have surplus cash to buy a next-gen laptop, and neither do you need to dig into your savings to be able to afford one. You can pay a minimal down payment and convert the rest of the amount into affordable, no-cost EMIs spread over some time, helping you own the latest piece of hardware without making you shell a bomb on acquiring one.

Easy Repayment 

Regular small instalments make it easy for anyone to buy even an expensive laptop. With repayment options ranging from 8 months to 36 months, you can easily opt-in for a repayment period to suit your finances, meaning there is less financial strain on you every month when you start repaying.

Zero Interest Rate

Banks and NBFCs generally charge an interest ranging between 12 to 15%. However, in the case of a dealer, you can get an interest-free option as part of promotional plans that brands and retailers run from time to time. Moreover, credit card companies also offer the option to convert high-cost purchases into affordable EMIs that you can pay off over a while.

Instant Approvals

Most consumer durable loans are available instantly and require very little paperwork. Moreover, if you opt for a consumer loan from a dealer, all you need is an ID and address proof to avail of a loan. This makes it extremely convenient to get a new laptop with minimal paperwork.

Access to the Best Rates

Online retailers offer cheaper rates with additional value-added services than offline retailers. You can get a new laptop at zero interest rates. Moreover, you also get free home delivery with extended warranties.

How to Hunt for the Best Deals? 

Now that you know the advantages of getting a laptop on EMI let’s look at how you can hunt for the best deals out there.

Offline Vs Online

Brands run online deals all year round with heavy discounts available on their products; however, you should also visit your local market and check with retailers about the EMI plans. There are chances that you may get a better deal at the retail shops with some hidden discounts if you bargain. The trick is to check out both options and then figure out which gives you the maximum value for your money.

Compare Various Websites

If you plan to go the online way, it’s best to compare various sites to find out how much you can save if you opt to buy from a specific website. There is a difference of thousands of rupees across sites most of the time. Therefore, it’s important to compare before you buy.

Interest Rates

Check for interest rates, and we are sure that you will be able to get your hands on a no cost emi means option that won’t even charge you credit card swipe charges should you opt to buy using your credit card.

The competition is tough in today’s market, where the customer is the king and brands are fighting it out by offering the best possible deals to grab attention. So, if you have wanted to get a new laptop for a long, now is the time!

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