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Important Things You Need To Know Before Buying Air Conditioner

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Air conditioners are now the most common cooling appliance in Indian households. When the scorching sun’s heat makes you feel tired, the AC becomes the source of comfort. But, lots of homeowners are yet to install an AC. Some of them have thought of replacing the old AC with a new one. 

However, you should not choose almost any AC for your personal needs. From the Carrier AC to the LG air conditioner, there are several branded models. You may also find a difference in the AC price.

To identify the right AC for your needs, you must know some important things.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying Air Conditioners

Measure your room size before choosing the AC capacity

Based on your room’s square foot, you can decide on the right AC capacity. In case of the small room (100 to 120 square feet), the 1-Ton AC is the perfect choice. However, with the bigger room, you can choose 1.5 Ton to 2 Ton AC.

However, there are other factors affecting the AC capacity. You have to focus on the floor space and the amount of natural light accessing your room.

Window versus split AC- Which model is the right choice for you?

Both these types of ACs are effective in cooling your room. However, you will find the biggest difference in the AC price rates and features. To get a budget-friendly solution, you may look for the window AC. On the contrary, split ACs are costly models equipped with a range of features, like turbo cooling and sleep mode. You can install the split AC in almost any room. But, to install window ACs, there must be a proper-sized window.

Energy efficiency ratings

Carrier AC, Godrej AC, LG AC, and other models have different price levels. The 5-star ACs are costlier than 3-star ACs, as they are highly energy efficient. However, you will save money in the future. When you have a tight budget, you may prefer 3-star models. Manufacturers will mention the rating for their ACs.

Look for the inverted AC models

It is better to buy an inverter AC, as it helps in lowering the power consumption rate. It also raises the energy efficiency level of the cooling system.

Non-smart and smart ACs

You have to choose between these options. Wi-Fi-enabled air conditioners are available with different functionalities, like automatic temperature controllers, voice command, and scheduling. They are slightly costlier. You may convert a standard AC by inserting a smart plug.

Identify the noise level

Nowadays, modern split ACs are designed in a way that does not cause noise. However, some window ACs still produce much annoying noise. While buying an AC, you have to check the potential noise issue. Reliable manufacturers always mention the noise level in decibel. Look for a quiet cooling unit.

Moreover, you have to decide on the place for installing the AC. You can avoid any aesthetic problem by choosing the right place. AC installation professionals can find the perfect site for your cooling system.

Copper coil- A better and more reliable

Although copper coil ACs have high reliability, they are a bit costlier. You will find better cooling capacity and higher energy efficiency.  Furthermore, copper coils are durable and easy to maintain.

Cooling speed

Some ACs have a variable speed level, adjustable thermostat, and two fans. You will find multiple settings to suit different times of the day. Thus, you will save energy. Pre-defined settings ensure optimal cooling functionality.

Maintenance of air quality

One of the important factors for every AC owner is to maintain the air quality. While purchasing the AC for your home, you have to ensure the presence of a good filter. It will help in refining the air quality of your room. A quality filter provides you with clean air. Moreover, you will find the better cooling performance of your AC. The filter also prevents dust from blocking the evaporator coil.

Check the blower size

Every AC unit has a functional component known as the blower. This component is present in the interior part of your AC. It can blow the air to the system’s ductwork. The bigger blower results in stronger airflow. The air flowing through the blower prevents suffocating feelings. The blower also plays a role in directing the air in different directions.

Fire safety

P2 protected capacitors are present in some modern ACs. You can find advanced safety features ensuring overpressure disconnection and self-healing properties. To increase the safety level, manufacturers add a metal casing to the circuit box. However, you must install your AC away from combustible items and curtains.

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