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The Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

HomeTechThe Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Is your business growing? If so, you should leverage the growth to utilize the opportunities spread in the business ecosystem.

However, you can utilize the opportunities only when you have an appropriate tool to handle the challenges and streamline operations.

You can choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV to attain your business objectives. The software tool is an easily adaptable enterprise resource planning solution (ERP).

The software helps small and medium-sized businesses to automate and combine their sales, purchasing operations, accounting and inventory management.

After implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the tool starts running quickly. So, there is no need to wait for days or weeks to get the software running.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics NAV can work seamlessly with Microsoft productivity tools.

Notably, your employees already know how to use productivity tools, eliminating the need for training.

Therefore, employees can spend the training time doing productive work. As a result, the business can become more productive.

Also, employees can work better, faster and smarter. As such, there is a lesser probability of disruptions to your business.

Now, let us explore the key facets of Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

Bears More Capabilities Than ERP

Given the features, the intrinsic capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV span beyond a traditional ERP system or a financial system.

The capabilities include a unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration and communication tools across your business processes.

As a result, managers can make prudent business decisions to increase the performance of the business in terms of margins, and cash flow, driving business growth.

Run Everything in the Cloud With Dynamics NAV

The software helps businesses to run their entire business in the cloud. For example, the new Office services and Microsoft powerapps are also available in the cloud.

Again, the software allows you to add a financial management solution to ease your finance department’s work.

Given that the cloud transforms how businesses are done these days, the use of a solution that can help businesses leverage the power of the cloud can help businesses attain significant heights.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables businesses to use it over the web, through a SharePoint portal or using a traditional desktop computer.

Notably, the software helps office-based and remote employees to execute their work effectively.

With the software, employees can connect through the tools and channels, such as instant messaging, email, voice and presence.

Propels and Supports Your Business Growth

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV supporting and propelling your business growth, it becomes easier for businesses to accommodate new processes and business lines.

When your business grows, it requires higher demands. But, you can run your business smoothly without degrading the performance or necessitating significant technology investment or additional manpower investment.

Many businesses have deployed Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a robust and high-performance ERP solution for small to medium-sized companies.

Again, the implementation of the software is important. Many things depend on the implementation partner.

You should ensure that the partner you choose is a competent one. For example, if you run your business in the UAE, you should choose one of the best Microsoft dynamics nav partners UAE.


If you want to scale up your business efficiency and productivity, you should implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV for your business. After the implementation, you will see your business moving to the next level.

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