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The Chemical Engineering Scope

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Chemical Engineering is one of the new fields of engineering that involves designing and processing of industrial chemical manufacturing. Chemical Engineers conduct research and develop processes of manufacturing chemicals. They should be skilled in chemistry, fuels, polymers, petroleum & its products and should be well acquainted with their properties. Chemical engineers are widely sought-after in rubber, petroleum, fertilizer, and paper manufacturing industries. Here’s an insight into the scope of Chemical Engineering:

The term “chemical engineering scope refers to a branch of engineering that deals with the production or processing of chemicals or chemical products. Chemical Engineers are responsible for designing and developing processes for producing various chemicals such as plastics, fibers, dyes & pigments etc., materials like metals & ceramics etc., medicines & food related products etc., drugs & pharmaceuticals etc., fertilizers etc., biofuels etc.. Their expertise lies in designing processes for efficient production of these products with minimal waste generation while maintaining high product purity levels.

Chemical engineers require thorough understanding of physical chemistry as well as mathematics and physics to design process equipment such as distillation columns which distil liquid mixtures into purer forms at high temperatures using catalysts to increase rate.

Chemical Engineering Skill Requirements

Chemical engineers are known for their creativity and innovation. They are able to come up with unique solutions to solve problems using the principles of chemistry, physics and biology.

Depending on the job role you choose, there are certain skills that you should imbibe in yourself to grow faster in your career.

As a project manager, you must have good problem solving and resources management abilities. Furthermore, good interpersonal skills can prove beneficial since as a project manager, you’ll be required to work in a team.

A good knowledge of concepts related to chemical engineering like thermodynamics, heat transfer, chemical processes, fertilizer technology, etc., as well as thorough knowledge of equipment involved can be handy.

As a process development researcher/ scientist one must have an expertise in critical thinking.

Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

Chemical Engineering is a unique field of engineering that deals with the production and processing of chemicals. It is one of the most sought-after engineering courses in India. Chemical engineers are responsible for developing new products, improving existing processes and products, controlling pollution and waste, and ensuring efficient energy usage.

Chemical engineering opens doors for various career platforms. There are many sectors that require chemical engineers. To put it in words, any company that deals in the manufacture of chemicals is a good career opportunity for a chemical engineer. The major sectors that fall under the Scope of Chemical Engineering are Food, Materials, Specialty Chemicals, Plastics, Power Production, Environmental Control and Waste Management. Each industry has various departments where a chemical engineer is required. In India, both public as well as private sectors offer various job roles to chemical engineers. Some of them are Processing Operations or Manufacturing Research and Development Design and Construction Finance Teaching.

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