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Texas Governor Orders Halt to Natural Gas Shipments Out of State

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas signed an executive order on Wednesday directing natural gas providers to sell only to power generators in the state. With a second winter storm approaching, millions were still without power.

I have earlier today issued an order, effective today through February the 21st, requiring those producers that have been shipping to locations outside of Texas to instead sell that natural gas to Texas power generators. That will also increase the power that’s going to be produced and sent to homes here in Texas. That will increase the ability of gas-powered generators in Texas to increase power sent to the Texas power grid. The initial and the main storm that has caused the severe damage in Texas is now beginning to move out of the state of Texas. Snow and sleet in Northeast Texas will continue to exist but also gradually move out over the next six hours. After that, another round of precipitation will be coming across the state over the next 24 hours Cold temperatures will remain across much of the state for the next few days. Most of the state will be below freezing tomorrow morning. We should, across the state, start getting above freezing on Saturday.

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