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How to Delete a Telegram Account Permanently?

HomeTechSocial MediaHow to Delete a Telegram Account Permanently?

If you are telegram user and are done using it now, then this is the apt blog for you to know how to delete telegram account. This article will guide you how you can delete your account permanently on telegram. 

Steps to delete a telegram account on mobile device

To delete an account on telegram you are suppose to open the telegram app first and then you are require to look for settings option and press on it.

Under settings you have to click on option of privacy and security which will lead you to a different page. 

You have to now scroll down you are now need to go to the section delete my account and click on it couponscatch

You have to now select the time period for which if you remain inactive, your account will self destruct itself. 

After setting the time, you can uninstall the application from your device after telegram account deleted. 

Steps to delete a telegram account on desktop

On a desktop you can delete your account immediately, for which you have to visit my telegram web portal. 

On the portal you have to type in your phone number with your country’s number code and press on next button. 

You will receive a confirmation code, which you have to fill in on the screen and press on sign in button. 

Click on delete account link you see on the screen, and then click on delete my account button when you are ready to delete your account. 

Finally, select the option of yes, delete my account option which appears on the prompt and once you do this, your account will be delete. To know more about telegram or to know what happens when you delete your account. Then you can visit website named Ityug247 which will be helpful for you.

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