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Social Media – Snapchat for bloggers

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Social Media – Snapchat for bloggers

It is arguably one of the trendiest social media tool right now – Snapchat! Everyone knows it, many already use it. But what can this tool do and is the hype really justified. We can already say: Yes, definitely!

What options does Snapchat offer?

 Snapchat marketing

Snapchat offers bloggers and businesses the opportunity to market themselves and their blogs in a whole new way. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, where a photo is just a snapshot, bloggers on their Snapchat accounts show their natural side. With good snaps and exciting stories (a story is a series of several posted snaps in a story ), the bloggers reveal a lot more about themselves – and can thus appear even more authentic and approachable.

Snapchat community

The tool is a social network, allowing bloggers to connect and network with their community and followers through business profile snapchat. The tool is used by many bloggers, vloggers and the like, especially for Q&A sessions and competitions. As a follower, you can either write to the bloggers privately via chat or reply directly to a snap using the bottom-up wiper – this of course also works the other way around if you as a blogger want to write to your followers (keyword 2-way communication)


More and more companies are also recognizing the opportunities for success behind Snapchat. Many have already set up their own company account to communicate with their customers. The most successful companies, such as Starbucks, are already working on implementing their personal filter in Snapchat work flow. Just like the geo-filters, these can be placed over the snap in the immediate vicinity of a Starbucks shop and thus advertised to customers.

Inspiration Search? – Here are a few Snapchatters from Austria that you should definitely follow:

Felix Krause

App developer from Austria – In 2015, Twitter bought his company Fastlane and hired him. He currently lives in San Francisco and snaps about his life from there – add him @krausefx.

Thomas Schranz

Under ichigo, the founder shows his followers how life is with a start-up in Vienna.

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Ines Häufler

The well-known Viennese script consultant and author give insights into her life, her work – and her favorite city Vienna on her account ineshae.

The Austrian bloggers have already gone under the Snapchatters – Maddie from the blog  gives insights into her life as a blogger in Vienna and Deea and Laura from lesfactoryfemmes show their daily blogger business on their two accounts and take their followers to the most diverse Events in Vienna.

Snapping, what else?

Although Snapchat is undoubtedly more about fun than business, some have already recognized the potential behind the social network and are trying to combine fun with business. The tool from America offers many opportunities to communicate with the community and share your everyday life. So it’s no wonder that more and more bloggers are recognizing this trend and are no longer just connecting with their followers via Insta & Facebook, but also via Snapchat. And share tips and tricks about social apps such as how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing.

Of course we are also on Snapchat – you can follow our public stories under “viktoria.egger” and “lisa_bilek”.

Happy snapping!

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