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Reasons why your Agency requires an Ethical Hacker

HomeEducationReasons why your Agency requires an Ethical Hacker

As the world is getting digitized, from cash to cashless, from offline to online and so are crimes and threats. In 2015, the cyber security incidents were about 49,455, and by 2020 it rapidly increased to 11,58,208. Therefore, we are in increasing need of Cybersecurity, which leads to a rise in the need for IT Security and Ethical Hackers.  An ethical hacker is a person who abides by ethical hacking principles to safeguard information, data, and systems from unethical hackers. Many organizations have been bombed by cyber-attacks which eventually led to the growing requirement of professional, ethical hackers.

More about Ethical Hackers

Ethical hackers who have gone through certified ethical hacking courses include learning about penetration testing, cryptography, and how to look for vulnerabilities. Organizations recruit ethical hackers to penetrate computer systems and networks to search and fix security vulnerabilities. They are well aware of the relevant steps to safeguard their data from sinners who tend to seek out important information. The EC Council has analyzed it as a bodyguard to the computer systems and this method should be viewed as a subset of the broader category of computer security, known as white hats.

What skills do they develop?

Ethical hackers require various techniques and skills to crash into a system. It requires someone experienced with cryptography protocols (including OSCP) to block data breaches. The functions of an ethical hacker are not just restricted to:-

  • DoS attacks, 
  • social engineering tactics, 
  • reverse engineering, 
  • network security, 
  • disk and memory forensics and vulnerability research. 

The ethical hacker should have not only the required ethical hacking certification but also the three most essential factors which will broaden up their skills: 

  • The first is the knowledge and skill needed for finding gaps and vulnerabilities, and one beneficiary factor of this training is breadth.
  • The second is creativity which involves thinking outside the box and trying new and surprising ways to breach networks. This is a bigger part of the work than it sounds.
  • The third is reliability, as it is the professional practice to access sensitive company data, with access granted by the customer always being protected and never be exploited.

Taking Advantage of an Ethical Hacker

Many ethical hacking courses are being provided out in the market through which they can become online warriors safeguarding the critical data of the companies. Some of their advantages are:

  • They help to create security awareness at all levels in a business.
  • By testing networks at regular intervals.
  • Safeguard’s user or customer information available in business transactions and visits.
  • Manages enough preventive measures to avoid security breaches.

Services an Ethical Hacker can bring to your table

A certified ethical hacker who has advanced all the ethical hacking courses can benefit your organization’s Cybersecurity. CEHs can perform as the beta tester or standard assurance engineer for the company’s cybersecurity defense ‘product.’ Here is a brief list of what they can bring to the table:

  • Finding susceptibilities, whether gaps in software, physical security, or policy.
  • Analyzing out ways of how threat actors can evade firewalls, honeypots, and intrusion detection systems
  • Waste Bin diving and examining public websites looking for information that can help an attack.
  • During a simulation of a crisis, managing it will be needed
  • Any insider threats to be given visibility and exposed
  • Port scanning with port scanning tools to find open ports.
  • Perform a network traffic analysis.
  • Help organize and participate in red team/blue team exercises.
  • Perform various hacks which are covert. They are testing the cybersecurity systems and employee awareness, readiness, and knowledge,  in accordance with the policies.
  • Educate and update the security team on the latest methods cybercriminals use from time to time.


Today, employing certified ethical hackers is not a matter of choice but a necessity for businesses. When you hire an ethical hacker to help with Cybersecurity, the cyber security certification matters, but they should also know the types of security systems out there that may meet your company standards. EC Council governs the Certified Ethical Hacker program to qualify professional hackers with ethical hacking courses. The bottom line is that CEH’s work can be precious to a digital enterprise and requires investments in cybersecurity infrastructure, expertise, staff training, and anything else that needs to be proven.

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