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Reasons to Switch to Organic Lawn Fertilizer

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Is the grass in your yard decaying or becoming yellow? Perhaps it’s time to feed your lawn! Even if you’ve heard fantastic things about the outcomes achieved by your neighbor utilizing organic fertilizer, you’re still afraid to give it a try. 

What exactly distinguishes organic fertilizer from conventional fertilizer? Is the higher price for this natural product justified?

1. Safe for Your Family, Pets, Neighborhood, and the Environment

Animal and plant waste that naturally decomposes into fertilizer is used to make organic fertilizers. This means they are not manufactured of possibly dangerous chemicals but rather a mixture of manure, leaves, compost, etc. 

Chemical fertilizers are usually produced artificially and synthetically from nonrenewable resources, such as fossil fuels. For example, gas or oil are used to make a lot of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers!

In terms of protecting your family, you can never be too safe. No need to worry when using organic lawn fertilizers. 

2. With organic grass fertilizers, “Over-Fertilizing” is challenging

Natural fertilizer can rarely be used excessively and lasts longer than non-organic fertilizer. When choosing organic, it isn’t easy to over-fertilize because the nutrients gently break down and disintegrate with the help of water. 

3. Slower Release of Organic Fertilizers for Longer-Lasting Results

Chemical fertilizers are absorbed into your grass more quickly because they don’t need to break down over time. The catch is that it goes into your grass rather than your soil. 

You’ll need to reapply non-organic fertilizers more frequently to maintain a lush lawn, even though these nutrients are absorbed more quickly through the blades than the soil (see our next point for information).

4. Improve the Quality of Your Soil

Many microorganisms might be found in your soil. These natural creatures, such as insects, fungi, bacteria, and others, obtain their energy from consuming decaying plant and animal debris. These organisms often get their nutrition from the decomposition of materials or the destruction of animals in the natural world. 

In addition, traditional fertilizers typically only penetrate the grass blades and very seldom the soil. Once more, it’s not addressing the “root” of the issue!

5. Offer More Diverse Minerals and Nutrients

While traditional fertilizers frequently contain the “Three Big Minerals” — nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium — they often omit essential elements that your soil and grass require to thrive. 

Your grass requires a variety of nutrients to grow bright and green, much like we do for our general health. In addition, organic lawn fertilizers often include calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and so on. 

These vital nutrients aid in the efficient absorption of sunlight by your grass, enhance the structure of the soil, and more. 

Make a strong nutrient profile organically by choosing organic instead of adding synthetic items to your grass.

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Considering a switch to Organic Lawn Fertilizer?

The pricing difference between organic and conventional fertilizer is one of the main barriers keeping households from switching. However, many people decide to follow natural practices since they know how beneficial they are for their lawn’s long-term health.

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