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Questions you Must Ask your Web Developer before bringing him on Onboard

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Web development specialists are available in large numbers. One simple online search would be enough to generate quite a few options. However, the sheer range of options also makes choosing the most befitting one more challenging in many ways! 

Irrespective of whether you are planning to hire a lead marketer or a website developer, the best way to do it is by asking a few questions beforehand. Here are some questions to ask.

Questions to Ask your Website Developer 

1. What is your pricing strategy?

Of course, enquiring about cost-related aspects is one of the first things to do. Typically, a good web development service will have base and variable rates. The variable rates will depend on the customized services delivered. So, one good way to arrive at a comprehensive price point is by assessing your requirements first. If you do not have a fair idea of your specific needs, sit down with your service provider and discuss them with him. He will suggest the set of services and send the quote for the same. Negotiating is a good idea.

2. Will you provide maintenance services?

Simply having a website is not enough. Any marketing agency near me will suggest engaging website maintenance services alongside development. Proper maintenance is needed for boosting traffic, refreshing content, checking security parameters, and so on. Most web developers will also provide maintenance contracts for your website. You need to spend on one such contract. 

3. Will you create a mobile-friendly Website?

Creating a website that cannot be properly accessed on a mobile device is a waste of time in today’s world! Compatible devices have made their presence felt, and most websites today are accessed through mobile phones or tablets. Therefore, asking whether your website can be accessed through one such device is a fairly relevant query in today’s times. 

4. How long would building a website take?

Whereas the timelines may vary from one marketing agency in Iowa to another, building a website from scratch typically takes between 1 to 3 months. If you wish to set up your website quicker, “website builders” can be used. However, if you want to set up a customized website, resorting to website builders is not advisable! 

5. How many pages should my website have?

Be it for the construction marketing industry or any other industry for that matter, the website you create needs to be compact. While having as many pages as needed is always a good idea, you should refrain from making it voluminous and verbose. Remember, websites require content management and search engine optimization. The more content, the more difficult SEO is likely to become. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep it short and crisp.

6. How long will the website land on the front page of the most popular search engine?

This is the most important question to ask and also extremely difficult to achieve. Landing on any popular search engine’s first page will take less than 6 months! 

Asking the right questions will also go a long way in making stellar choices.

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